10 Best Resources for CSS

Yesterday, just before leaving my office I spend a few mintues playing at www.slashdot.org and stumbled on an interesting post - "10 Best Resources for CSS" by CmdrTaco. Yeah, CSS is getting more popular nowdays whether you're designer, developer or seo. Here is the list:
  1. CSSZenGarden
  2. The Web Developer's Network
  3. Official Cascading Style Sheets Level 2 Specification
  4. CSS from the Ground Up
  5. Listamatic
  6. CSSVault
  7. CSS Layout Techniques
  8. Ruthsarian Layouts
  9. PositionIsEverything
  10. StyleGala
Some of the resources became classic, so check them out - you won't regret. You will find a lot of other great links from there and one of them that got most of my attention for the last day is 456 Berea St - very interesting blog by Roger Johansson, with lots of articles, reviews and all kind of great examples.

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