RSS/XML Feeds into JavaScript - never was easier!

Westin Shafer (AdvancedAccess Customer Service rep) - shared with us this great resource that he heard of.. called Feed2JS. Feed2JS is a very easy way to syndicate RSS/XML feeds on your sites not having server side feed readers installed. You basically enter the URL of the feed you would like to show on your site into the Feed2JS, check mark how many latest headlines you want to show and a few other options and it generates about 3 lines of JS code that you can insert into your page. That's it - takes about 10 seconds! Here is a quote from the Feed2JS site:
This Feed2JS web site provides you a free service that can do all the hard work for you-- in 3 easy steps:
  1. Find the RSS source, the web address for the feed.
  2. Use our simple tool to build the JavaScript command that will display it
  3. Optionally style it up to look pretty.
Here is my example of Feed2JS from our forum: Unfortunately our CMS doesn't allow JS due to security issues, so we still can leave noscript link :) Check it out for yourself you will love it! View RSS feed

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