7 Essential Points You should know while hiring a Moving company for shifting to your new home

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Are you planning to hire expert help with your packing and moving needs? We are sure that you would have chosen a service supplier that matches your bill well. Allow us to assist you with some red flags you should look out for to avoid any moving scams. The following are some points that are not much-paid heed to.

     • Not a certified company:

This is something that's not given due importance while hiring a packing moving company. Hiring an authorised mover is best as they're licensed, experienced and trustworthy with trained human resources to serve you higher. Complete your move secure, always hire an authorised mover.

     • Moving reviews are average:

Go through Google reviews and multiple review sites to check out customer's experience with the service supplier. Browse through the reviews carefully and also look out for ‘word of mouth' recommendations from your friends. Few negative reviews are reasonable and acceptable; however, the onset of bad reviews is tough to ignore.

     •  Demands up-front fees:

If the service provider requires any direct costs in advance, there's a chance of the company being fraudulent. Always ensure that you make the payment after the delivery of your things to the mentioned destination. To avoid any moving scams, it's hugely recommended not to hire a mover that demands upfront fees.

      • Very low estimates without house inspection:

The suspiciously low estimate should ring a bell for a possible moving scam. If the mover quotes low initially without house inspection, get ready because it can only result in double triple the quoted value by the end of the moving service. Always confirm that service provider quotes charge only once inspecting your belongings. Don't get fooled by a low bill estimate while overlooking different important aspects, just like the quality of service so on.

      •  Unprofessionalism:

You don't need to hire and pay somebody who is unprofessional and not reliable. If the shifting company has no correct address, business email, business cards, or maybe moving vehicle, they probably wouldn't be an authorised company yet. Rude behaviour by the service supplier, no Identity cards or uniforms of employees is red flags that you could be dealing with a fake mover.

      • Doesn't provide a bill of shipment:

This can be the most apparent factor that gives you a hint of a possible scam. If the service supplier doesn't provide you with a bill of shipment, you must be smart enough to not hand over your possessions to them. The bill of delivery is an official acknowledgement receipt of cargo. Before loading the products to the truck, it's better to get the bill from the service provider. However, If you hire a verified and reliable moving company like Packers in Pune (or in your area), you will get the entire documents about your shifting.



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