I worked three days a week and spent one of my free mornings at a fitness class run by a former armed forces physical training instructor. It usually took the form of aerobic dancing or floor exercises to music which I always found a fun way to exert myself with the added benefit of being attractive, to my hubby Callum and other men. I enjoyed the feeling of being ogled as a sexual object after a youth of seeing myself as rather plain, but growing more assured in my desirability as I matured and lost weight.

Due to my employer's requirements I had to work four days per week, which meant my normal fitness class was out for the time being, but I rang Gloria to see if other arrangements could be made.

"Wednesday is my only available time," I told her. "Mornings if possible."

"Well, there are vacancies on Wednesday mornings," she told me. "However, it's our clothing optional day where a lot of us prefer to exercise in the nude for the feeling of freedom it gives them."

"Oh," I responded with a squeak.

"It might not be right for you, But you're welcome to come and look."

After some initial doubts, I went in on my day off and found twenty-odd fit-looking women standing around naked as they awaited Gloria's arrival.

"Hi, Molly, you joining us?" asked Tina George, the only member present that I knew there, before any introductions were made. "The locker room is along the corridor there."

'Well, why not?' I thought and went to undress before joining the others.

Tina introduced me around to some of the others before Gloria arrived sans clothing and, with the music on the session began. As seemingly taut as our bodies were, there was a lot of jiggling and wobbling at boob and bottom. 

After a half-hour of a pretty strenuous workout we changed to quiet floor exercises where I found myself feeling sexually aroused and strangely attracted to another woman on being paired off with Wendy Parkhurst and doing lifting exercises which involved skin to skin contact. Back to back and elbows interlinked, we bent over to lift each other off the floor in turn, the feel of her flexing buttocks against mine causing an erotic tingling in my nether parts, a sensation I'd not known since my late teens when another girl felt me up in the darkened classroom during a film screening.

The next exercise involved sitting facing our partner, holding hands withlegs over and under while bending forward and back in turn. With every timeI went down, so to speak, Wendy's hairless pink twat seemed to be closer tomy face until I thrilled as I felt the unmistakable sensation of her tongue pressing my clit. From the sighs and gasps from those around us, I realized this activity was widespread across the room and reciprocate with my mouth upon Wendy's snatch as we continued to exercise. Eventually any pretense ofphysical training was abandoned as we adopted the sixty-nine position for amemorable orgasm each.

Eventually we reversed position to embrace and kiss deeply as we tenderly fingered each others' warm, slack pussies. I luxuriated in the feel and hot sexual scent of woman against and all around me. I'd fantasized over having a physical relationship with another girl at school, but the nearest I came was when the afore-mentioned Meredith Levine fingered my cunt under our twin desk during a film on the geography of India. It was an intensely thrilling experience, but an only one-time event, to my great toned body picsdisappointment.

"Welcome to Sappholand," Wendy murmured with a shy grin. "I'm only a new girl at this too."

"Well it was certainly a nice surprise to me," I enthused. "I haven't had these feelings since I was at school, but I never consumated them then."

Over the following weeks and months I enjoyed the same-sex love finale to all of the classes I attended with each of the other women in the group. It made me feel more alive and more active sexually with my man at home, but I kept the girl-on-girl activity from him as I wasn't sure as to how he'd see my bisexuality. Sex with my spouse and the more promiscuous variety with my girl-friends were two separate parts of my life and didn't need to be mixed at that stage, 

particularly in that I was deeply enjoying those contrastingsensations.

I eventually realized that I hadn't paid for any of my sessions since I'd joined the Wednesday morning classes and asked Gloria about that.

"It's all taken care of," she told me before answering her phone. "Don't worry about toned girls."

That both intrigued and concerned me so I asked Wendy about what it all meant.

"Gloria sells tickets to guys to watch us working out nude," she from fitness models site grinned. "That's how the lezzie shows came about as part of the entertainment. To me it's a good deal, free exercise sessions and a bit of sexual excitement." 

She smiled at my facial expression surprise.

"Yeah, I was that surprised too, Molly," she chuckled. "But there's more, even worse. A lot of the girls are selling themselves to the audience after the sessions."

"Doing it for money?" I gasped. "Prostitution?"

"Yep. It's all in aid of keeping Gloria in business and our little outfit going, well it was in the beginning. Now the girls are doing it for the fun of doing something a bitunconventional and for the money, in a few cases."

"So who's doing it, I mean, they're not all at it, are they?" I asked.

"Well actually, there's only one of us who's not doing it," she smiled at me smugly.

From her expression I knew immediately who that was and indicated my face with my finger.

She grinned and nodded just once.

I wasn't really put out by my friend's revelation, nor did I feel that it wasn't something I mightn't try for myself. That rather surprised me until I reminded myself that I no longer bore any obligation for fidelity since I'd discovered that my husband had shagged my three bridesmaids during the week leading up to our wedding. Since then he'd added to the insult with return bouts with at least two of them and 

several new affairs to boot. I'd had it off with several other men over the years, but only quickies on an entirely casual basis, on impulse really.

"So what's it like, being a whore?" I asked. 

"Convenient," she grinned. "Sex without entanglement in an affair because the guys pay for it. Nobody falls in love with a whore, do they? At least I haven't had any offers to take me away from all this, not that I'd want to go. Things, sexually speaking, are just about as good an arrangement as I'd like right now."

"So where do I sign-up?"

I went to see Gloria at Wendy's suggestion.

"That's a quick decision," she remarked, when I told her I wanted to join the team. "Most take at least three months before taking the primrose path. Do you have a desperate need for money or some other reason for wanting so quick an entree?"

"Not at all," I replied. "I feel a bit adventurous, but not quite enough to embark upon an affair, so prostitution seemed to be an alternative I can live with for a bit of casual shagging. It's a bit more sex that I want."

"Oh good, you're enthusiastic about it. I hope you're not too fussy about your sex partners' physical attributes. Our clientele are a fairly ordinary collection of manhood, but they have money, are enthusiastic and generally perform to a satisfactory level that's pleasing to most of us. The thing that spurs them on is the girl's having the final right of acceptance for an assignation. A dud fuck doesn't have us queuing for seconds, does it?"

"Do all the girls have your outlook on sex?"

"I don't really know, or care, really. I think people make too much about sex and relationships to enjoy the pleasure of the moment, just enjoying an intimacy for its own sake. You'll barely remember it tomorrow, but there's absolutely nothing like a screw to make a person feel better than they were before it, and to make you feel more kindly towards the person you shared a nooky with. My circle of friends and social acquaintances has expanded in a way that I'd not have believed when I as a lonely divorcee only eight years ago, all due to my abandoning conventional mores for an indulgent lifestyle. If people want to think of me as a slut, I don't care, I'm me, I'm living my life the way I want. Worrying about what others might think is such a waste of precious time."

She took me upstairs to see the small bedrooms around a mezzanine gallery overlooking the exercise area. Each room had a bed and sofa, pleasantly new and appointed in keeping with its use. Well I thought I'd be comfortable at shagging in there and, it occurred to me then, I had no idea as to who I'd be having sex with, nor did I really care. It was just the thrill of doing it that excited me. And the sooner the better.

Gloria pointed out the salient requirements for sex work; condoms, lubes, tissues, inspection lamp, et cetera. I was aware of these things, but being a regular user in the near future brought things into much sharper focus. I wanted to get into it before I went cold on the idea and having to wait for a week before I could test my talents seemed so far into the future.

We went back downstairs to a sunny coffee room with comfy chairs and warm prints of beaches and forest scenes on the walls. There were two men standing and chatting before we arrived, both sixty-plus, but looking fairly trim and well-off, if their attire was any indication. They were both pleasantly polite and not unduly familiar towards Gloria, rather more respectful if anything. I thought I'd have no difficulty in accommodating either of them, hoping that they 

were a representative sample of the clientele I'd be serving.

"This is Jeremy and Bevan," Gloria said, by way of introduction, "and my friend Molly."

We all solemnly shook hands, an odd gesture in view of the relationship I was to enter into with those blokes, I thought, but at least it broke the ice socially.

"I'm sorry I'm a bit late Bev," she told him, I've been seeing to our new lady here. Who are you waiting for, Jerry?" 

"Nobody, I came too late, but...if we have a new player, I'd like to play with you," he grinned. "If it's okay with you, Molly?" 

I looked at Gloria for confirmation only athletic girls here

"It's your call, if you're ready," she smiled. "Only you can know that."

I grinned back at Jeremy to indicate a little more than willingness to be the receptacle for his needs.

"Hang on a moment, folks," said Gloria. "Let's do things in a proper and orderly manner."

We went to the organizer board where I was handed my name plate to slide into the lowest vacant slot. Jerry slid his name tag into the same space in the next column beside it, signifying our engagement for immoral purposes. However, there were still things to be done below, down a hidden staircase to a locker room I hadn't seen before where Gloria told me to strip and put on the silk dressing gown in my locker. As I'd all ready showered, perfumed and made up for the street, I was ready for the next phase of my life.

Up in the shagging room Jerry had been allotted, I found him nude, gently stroking his nicely stiff cock in preparation for our coupling. I took off my robe, stepped over to him and grasped his sex organ which jumped at the touch and rubbed it lightly as I checked him out.

"Nice and clean?" he grinned and I towed him to the bed, sat and rolled a condom down over his hard, upcurved cock and sucked it into my mouth.

"Ooh, you'll have to stop that or it'll spoil the whole ending," he sighed.

I applied lubricant to our appropriate places and lifted my legs to slide back on to the bed.

"What is your desire, sir," I asked submissively, parting my knees to let him see my fit girls pics

"Oh, I've always enjoyed the simple missionary position as an initial way of getting to know a new partner. What do you think?"

I nodded, smiling, entirely at ease with the situation. "Yes, that'd be a nice way to say hello."

Wiggling my bottom down the bed, I lay back against the pillows to spread widely for him to kneel between my thighs, giving him a good view of where his dick was going. His purple knob pressed against my hairless portal and, parting my oily frills, slid easily within me.

"Oooooh!" we sighed in unison as our expectations were realized.

Mind you, it might just as well have been Quasimodo's crooked cock entering my body, so excited at accommodating a stranger's dick in that situation. What I'd done, of my own volition, was to have stepped right outside my conventional moral boundaries and enjoyed it.

I held his buttocks tightly, but careful not to leave any claw marks for his wife to see, pulling his thrusting hips hard to mine as he pumped my pussy with his hot piston, lifting my bottom high to enable his deepest penetration of my drooling pouch. He was an accomplished fucker, thrilling me with his variation in cadence and depth of penetration with hip rotations in one direction and then the other. With sweaty bellies slapping loudly I took my cue from his lead as we made a mad gallop to orgasm.

"Ooooh! Christ almighty!" he groaned with a huge, final, crotch-splitting thrust into my sheath and convulsed repeatedly in sexual bliss.

My climax wasn't quite that intense, but was very satisfying to me. Lying still joined as our passion cooled, I felt entirely comfortable with having become a whore, even rather proud of myself. Since then I've enjoyed being the recreational plaything of all the guys who've joined Gloria's clientele list, some many times. I've also found myself able to service several males without difficulty during a session at the house. I've kept this side of my life a secret from all but the other ladies with whom I share this activity which I also find exciting. One of the wealthier clients has also hired us, those who are willing, to provide sex at orgies to entertain business folks with whom he wants to curry favour. I have since "allowed" Callum to talk me into swinging, having to feign reluctance initially, but then becoming a happy and enthusiastic participant in which he enjoys seeing me fucking any guy at all. Even funnier, he now thinks he'd like to see me whoring and I'm working on some way to introduce him to my fitness class and the ramifications that revelation might have for our future relationship.

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