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I grabbed her hand and we walked hand in hand into the hotel. Roland and Jenn were checking out. Everyone who had to get back to regular lives was leaving today. I still had a day left as my plane wasn't until the morning. That realization made me start thinking about how this was inevitably going to end. At least this idyllic phase with these two girls. Carly and I lived reasonably close in Boston and New York. It wasn't ideal but it was doable. But Kyrsten still lived in Orlando. Her job let her travel some and we'd be able to visit but I knew an ongoing intimate relationship wasn't going to be easy. 

As I was lost in my thoughts, Jenn saw us and gave a puzzled look. She whispered something to Roland and gave him a little peck on the cheek before walking purposely over to us. "You've been busy this weekend," she said looking back and forth between the two of us.

"I... who are you talking to?" I asked, unsure whether it was Kyrsten or I that she was gently berating porn movies.

"Both of you pervs," she said with a tight grin. "I know we joked about hurting Carly but I swear..."

"No... it's fine, Jennifer. Really," Kyrsten said.

"K and I are going back to my room now. Carly's waiting for us there," I said. Jenn stared at me appraisingly before stepping aside. 

As I walked past her she pulled my arm and whispered into my ear, "Seriously, Jay. Please don't hurt my friends." She wasn't demanding or threatening. Just an earnest plea that I was already determined to honor.

I nodded my agreement and followed Kyrsten. The sway of her generous hips and ass was hypnotic as the short, flouncy sun dress she was wearing swayed from side to side. I couldn't help staring at her, all my worries and concerns simply melted away. I grabbed her in the elevator and pinned her to the wall, trying to communicate my need for her through the kiss. My hands found her breasts and I groped them roughly, causing her to moan into my mouth. She kept grinding her hips against my thigh, and I knew she needed me as much as I needed her. We composed ourselves as the elevator door opened. More of our friends checking out looked at us and laughed. "Player," I heard one of the guys say. He must have seen me with Carly yesterday. I guess I was going to have a very different reputation after this weekend. Fuck it.

I reached under Kyrsten's dress and put my hand possessively on her ass. The dress pulled up around my hand left her completely exposed but she didn't care. She simply leaned against me and walked to my room, happy and calm. I noticed a couple high school boys near our door milling about and laughing. As we approached, they realized it was my room and took off with a laugh. Before I opened the door, I paused and listened. Clear as day you could hear Carly coming from the room. "Master... please... master. Use me... Use your chink's holes. I was bred for you. Please, Master. Please rape me with your perfect white cock... Please. Please I need it, Master. I need you. I love you. I want you. I love you. Master. I'm your holes. Make me useful, Master. Please... FUUUUCCKKK..." the last was shouted loud enough to clearly hear in the hall. It was an exclamation of frustration boiling over. Kyrsten and I had been gone nearly three hours and Carly was obviously coming unraveled. Gloriously unraveled.

I glanced down the hallway and, seeing it empty, I looked at Kyrsten and simply said, "Strip." She looked at me for the barest of a moment before wordlessly allowing the flowy dress to fall to a puddle around her feet. "The rest, slut," I told her and she quickly took the bra off too. She now stood wearing only her heels. I pinched her nipples roughly with one hand as I slid the key card across the sensor with the other. The click wasn't nearly loud enough for Carly to hear it and we snuck into the room like two proud parents ready to look at our newborn. But instead, we were two super horny adults looking at our slutty Asian slave. Carly was a complete mess. The cum was caked in her hair and across her face, she was spasming on the bed, eyes closed as she yanked the nipple clamps off repeatedly. Her hips were bucking forward each time, as if she was fucking back against an invisible cock. A giant, white, imaginary cock I'm sure. She was too lost to hear us or even sense our presence. I undid my belt and motioned to Kyrsten to remove my clothes. I positioned myself at the foot of the bed, staring at Carly's gaping fuck hole. Kyrsten was on her knees, pinned to the bed as I shoved my now naked cock down her throat. Before Carly could realize she wasn't alone, I brought the leather belt down squarely onto her clit.

The reaction was priceless. She screamed, I think nearly coming. "FUCKK... yes... Master... Oh my God I need you. I need anything. I need you. Hurt me. Abuse me. Whip me. I don't fucking care. Just do something with me. I can't think. I'm fucking broken, Master," she said as I rained lashes down onto her clit while Kyrsten tried to suck my cock off.

"Come for me you dumb, pathetic bitch. Show me what a stupid pain slut you've become," I told her as I flicked her clit with my finger three times. It was too much for her. She came hard, squirting juices out of herself and screaming loud enough to wake the dead. I finger fucked her while she came and she spasmed over and over, twitching and writhing and shaking out of control. 

She started to recover as I plunged my cock fully into Kyrsten's throat. "Feel how hard my pathetic chink bitch has me, Kyrsten?" 

The redhead simply mumbled around my dick while continuing to suck me. Her hand was between her legs stroking her clit frantically. Given my recent orgasm, I wasn't going to be able to cum easily so I decided to give Kyrsten a break. I laid down on the bed and yanked Carly on top of me. "You have 15 minutes to make me cum. If you don't, you're going to wear your slut collar while you go knock on all of our friends' doors and apologize for how loud you've been this weekend."

Carly gasped and quickly straddled me, impaling herself with a desperate moan.

I tossed my watch to Kyrsten who was still catching her breath on the ground, "Watch the time, slut. If she doesn't make me cum in time, you can drag me off of her and I'll finish inside some nice white holes."

I said this, curious what Carly's reaction would be. I needn't have worried. She rolled her eyes and arched her back, "My tight little Asian hole was bred for your cock, Master. I'll earn your cum, Master. I promise."

True to her word, she rode my cock exquisitely. If I hadn't given Kyrsten a load in the parking lot, I would have already cum. Carly squeezed her cunt tight and rolled her hips perfectly, trying to milk my cock and it's precious cum. She said a string of the most degrading, humiliating things while she played with her tits. I could feel myself getting close but wasn't really sure if I wanted to cum or not. The thought of her humiliating herself in front of our friends was unbelievably hot. But I was a bit afraid it was pushing her limit.

Kyrsten was watching the whole thing with interest, giving a countdown every few minutes and taunting Carly with her impending humiliation. "Just picture her, Jay. Dripping wet and shaking, revealing to her friends what a cheap, pathetic fuck puppet she is," she said as she cupped Carly's tits. Kyrsten was straddling my right leg and gliding her own juicy fuck hole along my shin, teasing herself with the friction. "Two minutes you dump cunt. Then the whole hotel finds out the truth about you," she said with sensual malice.

"Oh God... Fuck... Please... Please cum for me... Sir," she said.

"What?" I asked, hardly believing I'd heard her correctly.

"I need your cum, Sir. Please," she said again. My hand lashed out and smacked her tit, "Ouch. Yes... hurt me, Sir. Punish me," she continued to incite me. I twisted her nipples hard, spinning them almost 180 degrees and making her squeal in a mix of pleasure and pain. It just caused her to writhe more on me and tighten her cunt even more. "I'm a pathetic, slanty eyed bimbo who can't even remember what to call you, Sir," she said again. I knew she was intentionally pushing me. But it was working xxx cams. 

"You stupid little bitch," I said as I grabbed her and flipped her down. Kyrsten was practically flung from the bed but my focus was on the insolent little whore on the end of my cock. I pounded her hard, putting one hand over her mouth and using the other to smash and twist at her tits. "Is this what you wanted, cunt? To make your Master angry so you get hate fucked?" I said and spit on her. Her face, still a mess from earlier, looked even more pitiful now if that was even possible. She was beautiful. I pounded into her with three more quick, violent thrusts and filled her cunt to the point of overflowing with my cum.

"Damnit," Kyrsten said as I rolled off of Carly's exhausted body, "22 seconds to spare." She tossed me my watch and dove into Carly's snatch, noisily slurping my cum into her mouth.

"Thank you, Master. I'm sorry I had to anger you to please you. Please forgive your pathetic slut for not being good enough to please you without being a disobedient hole." 

I moved up and kissed her messy face. Our tongues intertwined the way only true lovers do.

"You've not displeased me, baby. Far from it. That was fucking hot. I knew what you were doing and it was super hot. No apologies needed."

"I'll still go door to door and humiliate myself for you, Master. Just tell me. I'll do anything for you, Master. Absolutely anything. No more limits from me. Ever."

I kissed her again, "There's time, pet. But not tonight. Tonight you've earned a treat. Something special for just us. But I want you to remember that pledge. Kyrsten has given me a truly wonderful idea that will be very, very difficult for you. You'll love it. But you'll hate it."

"That's perfect then, Master. What is it? I'll do it. I'll do anything." She was beyond reason now, having edged for so long, been thoroughly fucked and now having Kyrsten's tongue working her so well.

"When we meet your family..." I told her as I started pinching her nipple, "You're going to turn your sister into another chink fucktoy," I finished as I pinched hard. 

Carly came all over Kyrsten's face, screaming a strangled, "Yessss" and arching her back before collapsing in complete and utter exhaustion.

Carly clamped her spasming legs around Kyrsten's head until the redhead has to push herself clear. She sat back with a sloppy, wet face and smiled proudly. "Yay, I helped," she said in a cute, bubbly voice.

"You two are a hot mess. Go get yourselves cleaned up. Don't have TOO much fun in there," I said with a grin. I wanted to join them but hotel showers are pretty tight for two people, three would have been far less fun than it sounds like. On the other hand, my apartment in New York has a pretty big shower...

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