Fix SMTP Errors From SBCGlobal DSL

The issue, which I am going to discuss today has been faced by many people, and it is also one of the most frustrating issues that has engulfed SBCGlobal up till now. The issue is frustrating, and on top of that, there hasn’t been any concrete troubleshooting steps that a person can follow to fix the issue. But, let’s find out if it can be resolved, and if yes, then how. A few weeks ago, when I wished to send emails from the email client I’m using, I changed my SMTP server in order to match it with the supported SBCGlobal net login server. Even this process is very frustrating, so what I’m about to write is even worse. Today, when you have to send an email from the SMTP server, then you will have to register on SBCGlobal, but it is locked down already. People are trying to send emails after changing their SMTP server thinking that it will resolve the issue, but is giving the problem. People are seeing ‘not able to accept sender mail addresses’ message, which is very annoying.

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