This means you don't need to use the webmail interface of! You can use other mail services (such as Mailspring, Outlook Express, Apple Mail, or Mozilla Thunderbird) to verify your mail and submit emails. You can enhance your workflow by using desktop email apps. They typically give more alternatives, and when you are disconnected from the internet, your email is still accessible on your desktop. Here are the Instructions to Setup Roadrunner Email Settings:- Please see the IMAP and SMTP settings below for ROADRUNNER.COM email. These instructions can assist in setting up your roadrunner email account on any of the email clients. Please scroll through the page if you are looking for comprehensive instructions and you can find comprehensive installation instructions for Android Phone, iPhone, Apple Mail, Windows, etc. Set up Settings for Roadrunner Email in Android Device:- If you are using Android Device and you like to access your Roadrunner email login on your Android Device. Here are the instructions to set up roadrunner email setting on your Android device:- First of all, go to your email app Select the Add Account Enter your roadrunner email id After that click on the Next button Now you have to select Personal POP3 and click on the Next button Type your Roadrunner email login password, click on next After that, there will appear an incoming server page, Filled these instructions on that:- Username: Type your full email address include at the end. Ex. Password:- Fill your roadrunner email password Server:- Port:- 110 Security Type:- None After filling these instructions successfully, Click on the Next button Enter the following settings on Outgoing Server:- Server: (domain varies based on location). Port: Type 587 on that field Security type: Select None Require sign-in: Check Username: (domain varies based on location) Password: Type Your RoadRunner email password. Now Click on the Next and Next again After that Type Name on your Name field. Now click on the Next button Now you have all set up to access your Roadrunner email login on your Android device. I hope this article will help you to set up your roadrunner email settings on your Device.

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