Moving house from one place to another is not an easy task- whatever be the reason. There are a lot of complex processes involved in the relatively simple term “moving”. While the budget may not be a constraint for you, making sure that you have made the right choice will. Ask yourself how you are going to make sure that the packers and movers you have identified are reliable enough? This question itself sums up the primary problem faced when searching for reliable packers and movers.

Asking are five essential questions to packers and movers, and the answers will help you to choose the best as per your requirements. Following are some critical questions you should ask your packers and movers.

1. Ask packers & movers all their criteria of billing, and also if there are going to be any extra charges besides the estimate that they have put forward. You may like to compare all the quotes put forward by packers and movers and then try to judge who is providing all the services within your budget.

2. Ask your packers and movers if they have transit insurance for the goods that they are moving or if they have any collaboration with insurance companies who can provide this service. This will help you to make sure about their recovery process in case of any mishap.

3. Ask your packers and movers about the time they will take in delivering the consignment to the required destination. Will any additional charge be made for unloading and unpacking? Be sure that the packers and movers bring the required time within the time you will take to reach your new house.

4. Ask your packers and movers about their previous clients and reconfirm to validate the information the best you can. Be sure to read the feedback available on their website to acquaint yourself with them. Search on popular review websites knows the on-ground feedback of the packers and movers.

5. Many packers and movers in Delhi are reliable and expert professionals having specially designed carriers. They use the best quality packing material and shoulder all the problems that may happen during a move making you feel as stress-free.

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Moving and relocating to a new city is not easy. It's not that it's going to take physical efforts, but the point is that there are too much of uncertainties in the process. Thankfully, there are ways to get it right and that is if you can get hold of a leading moving company that is super efficient, reliable and trustworthy.

Now, to get hold of such movers and packers companies in Delhi, you got to ask them right set of questions. So here you go.

Ask about license

Even though you don't need a specific license to run and operate moving service business in Delhi, there are certain documentation and registration that is common for every business. So check if the potential mover you are considering for hiring has such registration like a trade license, GST registration, PAN card or any other government approved registration?

Ask for moving expenses

Needless to say that you want to get your goods packed and moved carefully and safely at a competent rate. So you got to ask about the best rate they could offer and then compare the quoted price with a few other moving service providers near you.

Ask for quality packing

Packing is the key to safer home and office relocation; so needless to say, you should never underestimate good quality packing for your goods. Ask the mover to show some videos of packing they have done in the past for other clients to get the real idea of the quality of packing.

Ask for insurance

No matter how careful you are, a human error may happen and in such case, there could be some damage to your goods. No matter how securely the goods are packed, if anything happens, damage is bound to happen. Insurance helps you in such stressed time, so check if they offer Insurance.

Ask for part payment terms

While some of the packers and movers in India offer flexible payment terms, most of the movers packers agencies take over 80% of payments upfront, after packing. This should be negotiated and clarified upfront as per your convenience. You may be surprised to know that most of the disputes during relocation happen because of unreasonable payment terms. So ask and clarify this upfront.

And if you are able to ask and clarify these things first before finally hiring moving service in Delhi, chances are you will be able to get rid of many of the issues during the move.

Hope it'll help you.

Happy relocation!

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