What to do when movers are packing your goods for moving?

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If you have ever relocated your house and used professional moving services, then I would like to what do you when the move team is busy packing your goods? I am planning to relocate my bungalow next week, and as the mover and packer team said that they will be doing all the tasks involved, I am wondering what I will be doing while they do the packing.
A friend suggested following:

  • Sorting and putting items that is to be packed at the right place
  • Prepare the house for the move team, so when they arrive everything is ready and they can just get started.
  • Pack items that is to be packed and moved with myself, instead of handing over to the movers
  • Look after the kids and pest to ensure their safety

  • Supervise the move team to ensure they are packing and handling everything right

What else do you think one should be doing while the movers are busying packing goods for relocation?
Thanks in advance.

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So, there is an upcoming move and you have booked movers and packers service to get your goods safely relocated. Now, as the movers and packers team have confirmed that they are going to take care of all the things required to get your goods moved, you are unsure about what to do when movers are busy packing your goods.

For many, this is really a confusing question. Usually you won’t get any free time on the final move day. The movers will be coming early on in the morning and you got to be prepared and ready so that they can get started with dismantling and packing etc as they come.

Naturally, the entire ting is being handled by the move team, so you are going to have plenty of free time. But you know what; if you use your free time wisely, then it will be better for you. Now that all of us may have different priorities and situations, here are a few of the things you would like to do while movers are busy packing your goods.

  • Take care of your kids, and ensure that they do not enter the packing area and cause disturbance to the packers and movers who are busying with packing etc.
  • Closely monitor what items are being clubbed and packed in one box, this can help you surprisingly while unpacking your goods.
  • Make arrangement for foods (lunch/snacks) for your family and may be for the move team.
  • Ask for water, tea and refreshment from time to time to the move team, after all they all are humans and they deserve it.
  • Assist the movers and packers in locating things and ensure that nothing unwanted is getting packed by mistake.
  • Similarly, take a look and see to it that nothing important it left behind

Use your free time wisely in supervising and monitoring the overall process. Not only its going to help you ensure everything is being done correctly, this will also help you in locating your goods at the time of unpacking.

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