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The next day was Saturday. Nat decided to do some more housekeeping chores with the program. He also wanted to explore some of the non-sex-related opportunities he may, now, possess. He made himself a strong cup of joe and sat down at his computer, properly rigging up his mouse and keyboard because he might be typing for a while. He thought, I can use this program to make the world a better place, in addition to making my own dreams come true. He brought up his own profile and gave himself a full, encyclopedic understanding of global and domestic politics, urban planning, social welfare dynamics, contemporary religious affairs, and personal and diplomatic mediation tactics. He then gave himself enhanced data analysis and problem solving functions. I feel like a robot, he thought, or Neo from the Matrix . Nat realized this may become exhaustive and somewhat tedious, so he increased the enjoyment he got out of mundane tasks and also made it so his brain and body would not fatigue. Then he began playing God. He started by typing in "The United States Congress," commanded that they begin to work together in unison, using peaceful, productive discussion but leaning in resolution towards the Democratic agenda. He then instructed that Donald Trump would decide to pull down his pants and underwear, exposing himself to the world at his next press conference. And because Nat had reduced his penis to one centimeter long, he would be completely shamed for the rest of his life. Mike Pence would move into office, but his platform would change to a completely progressive one, taking cues from a key advisory group, including Bernie Sanders, Cornel West, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Elizabeth Warren, Elon Musk and Ram Das (and then he added Russell Brand and Zach Galifinakis bigtitstube.xxx, just to keep things interesting). He commanded that these changes take place over the next couple months, and that all changes would be supported by the proper legislature and seemingly-rational explanations. At this point, Nat realized this was gonna take forever to do, so he went into the help section and asked, "Do I have to make step by step commands, or can I just prescribe long-term results?". The program responded. "You can prescribe just results, but it is recommended you take it one step at a time." Nat decided, with the intelligence and knowledge he'd given himself, he had the ability to do this right and part of him wanted to heed Misako's caution. But it did seem like such a time drain and there was so many other things he wanted to be doing with his life. At that moment, a light bulb went off in his head and he dipped into the subject history to pull up an old friend, his next door neighbor, Anika. Her image came up wearing a white, see-through chemise with no bra and white panties underneath. He had to use all his restraint possible to not arrange another sexual encounter. Instead he entered these commands: "You will become Nathaniel's point person on global affairs and modifications. Your political beliefs and vision for society, humanity and the globe will align exactly with Nathaniel's. You will have access to his computer and understand how to use the program, but only for the benevolent goals of making the world a better place. It will never occur to you to use the program to take advantage of or negatively manipulate Nat or another person. It will never occur to you that you might be under the effect of Nat's manipulations using the program. You will keep a log of all your actions backed up on a private server and you will maintain rigorous research on the effects of your commands, adjusting and correcting accordingly, as needed. "Your first individual subject will be your husband. You will no longer have any romantic feelings for him. You will take necessary action to delete his attachment to your life, including arranging a divorce and changing his memory. You will be one of Nat's girlfriends now and you will sleep in his bed, unless otherwise directed. You will not let your sexual needs interfere with your new duties, but you will continue to be sexually excited by and desirous of Nathaniel and his cock. You will also cook home-cooked meals for him several times a week, you'll keep his apartment clean and stocked with refreshments and snacks. These extra duties will add no stress in your life. Rather, they'll bring you pleasure and a greater sense of purpose and love in your life than you've ever had before." He then changed her breasts from a C to a D cup, and just for variety, he made them sag a little, with extra long nipples (about an inch and a quarter). He gave her the express duty of using her ass and wet pussy as an alarm clock for him each day. He could choose to engage, wrapping around to fondle her wet cunt or telling her to suck his cock while he thought about the events of the day. Or, he could just say "not today" and she'd get right up to make breakfast and then get to work. Next, Nat decided he needed to figure out his financial situation. As a temporary holdover, he could just put up a collection of his college drawings and then price them at a hundred grand a piece and have one of the city's leading billionaires purchase the whole lot of them. But in general, he needed a cover as he expanded his holdings and advanced his career. It would probably be least suspicious to stay in the same field, so he decided to command his boss to make him partner in the firm. After that he would use some of the money from the artwork to rent the floor above his office where he had spent the heated day with Jennifer yesterday (and he'd buy it for a ridiculous low price...because, well, mind control). He would make this floor the engineering and product development division of McMichael and Mannes. What could he change that name to? How about CPM Unlimited. Yeah, that works. (He wanted to use MPC, but he thought that might draw too much attention from another user). He'd design a couple products and hire some of the leading viral marketing professionals to get the product out there. Good business is all about hiring the right people and delegating. With his added skills of perception, problem-solving, mood stability and creativity, he shouldn't have a problem maintaining a large corporation. But to make sure not to arouse suspicion he arranged for these changes to happen over the course of three months. At that moment, he heard a knock on the door. He went to open it and found Anika with a warm smile. She had changed into a pair of black dress pants and a flowy white button-down blouse. The blouse was unbuttoned down to just above her belly button and you could see the purposefully-exposed black bra as it pushed together her recently enlarged breasts. She looked very handsome and put together, clearly dressed for a work environment. "Hey babe," she said cheerily, leaning in to give him a kiss on the cheek. "I have some work to do and I believe I can only get it done on your computer. If you're not busy using it right now, I'd like to get started. Unless, there's anything else you need from me." She glanced briefly down at his crotch and then back up his eyes. "You know, I have two more things to do on the computer, then it's all yours...the computer, that is. Why don't you take the next hour or so to move some of your essentials over to my apartment. Doesn't make sense for you to be going back and forth all the time. After that, I have some errands to do around town, so that works fine, and then we can link up for dinner later. Some place nice, perhaps?" She leaned towards him to give him a real kiss on the mouth. It was loving and supple, as if they had been together for a long time. "That sounds lovely." She put her bag down by the door and then headed back to her apartment to grab some things. Nat returned to his computer opening up the help section, once again. "Is it possible to copy the program to another O.S.?" "It is possible to create up to 5 copies per 'original instance' of the program. But please be advised, there is high security risk of sharing or moving this program." That was kind of obvious, but he took the caution to heart. "Can the program be tailored to work as a mobile app?" "Yes, with the right software engineering skills, the Master PC program will work on mobile platforms." Nat found it hard to type this last question, but he needed to know the answer. "How many other original instances are there on the planet right now? "There are five other original instances." "Have they all been activated?" "Two have been discovered, both of which have been activated," the computer responded. "Can I find out who has the other one?" "Protections from the program prevent discovery of other users, but you can set sensitivity to modifications around you and prevent modifications from affecting you." Nat felt uneasy by all this, but he took the different precautions the program had advised. If there was a truly evil person with their hands on the program, he would have seen some Iron Man shit on the news, or heard about an entire country of people being enslaved to a single dictator. Actually, he could think of a couple scenarios where that sounded like a reality -- hopefully a reality that Anika would begin to remedy. He then gave himself a superior knowledge of computer programming, and mobile and iOS programming. With his extremely advanced, almost metaphysical outlook on programming, a design that would normally take a year or more was finished in less than half an hour. Looking at the Master PC command field on his iPhone, he was filled with a combined sense of pride, shock, and excitement. He did some tests to see if the program worked and it seemed to work perfectly. He then set up a series of security measures on his phone including pin code, fingerprint and facial recognition. He also left a note for Anika to set up new, top-notch security measures in their home. He left his credit card for her to use, knowing he could get some more cash while he was out (from the mind control ATM). Now he was ready to take on the world, not having used his program on a single stranger yet. There was really nothing to stop him. Or, at least he was safe for the time being. Seven As Nathaniel left his apartment, it was a cool summer day with only a few clouds in the sky and right away, he could tell the chickens were out to play. He already knew where to head to set up shop and play some more with his toy -- the coffee shop. In North Brooklyn, as with many other gentrified, ostensibly counter-culture areas in the US, there existed a type of species called the hipster. It was a vague term, more used to refer to others than to oneself, but they definitely had a distinct look and vibe. Generally, pretty good-looking people with a fresh -- if not, at times, obnoxious -- fashion vibe. They came in all sizes and shapes, but they loved drinking cheap beer any night of the week and they loved their ice coffee in the summer. The men often sported gratuitous facial hair. The women tended to eat healthy and take care of their bodies with yoga and expensive butters. They were free with their bodies and sexually liberated, but they had a spunky, sassy bite to go with it. Nat's Bushwick apartment was kind of in the hot bed of "hipster central." He liked to think he was an outsider, at least he often felt like it, but in the ten years he'd lived in the area, of course, he'd adopted some of their rituals and practices. Ice coffee was just fucking good. Not a lot to argue with there... He walked into the Fenway Cafe (don't ask me why anyone would want to name something after a Boston establishment). His phone was burning a hole in his pocket, he was so eager to start making commands. He ordered an Iced Americano and took a seat in the back of the room. The space was a long, narrow rectangle so he could see everyone that was sitting and everyone that walked in. The first thing he did was pull up his own profile. Amazingly, just like on the computer program, his phone was showing him wearing the same clothes he had on, a pair of green shorts with pineapple print, and a solid black tank-top. (Let's be honest, he's definitely a hipster). He decided to set his dick to be a little longer -- let's say 10.5 inches -- because he really wanted to show these hipster girls a nasty good time. He then gave himself some features that were particularly irresistible to hipster girls like some stubble, nice and tan skin, and some get-lost-in-em blue eyes. After that, he set "Group Target Radius to "Fenway Cafe premises", which would also include the outdoor seating and sidewalk. His first command was that all men, except employees, will find the smell inside and near the cafe despicable, and, taking their time, they will exit the cafe, or steer clear if they're outside. He pressed enter and waited. Sure enough, one by one, the men left with a look of disgust on their faces, and the woman stayed put. Nat specified that any woman in, or on the premises of the cafe would find Nat to be very handsome. He then tried a command he wasn't sure would work: Any woman that Nat desired to be a subject of his would find a seat or stay seated. They'd de-prioritize whatever they had to do for the next few hours, or find a way to get out of it, if it would be a problem. The women that he didn't desire would feel the urge to leave. He pressed Enter. It was executed. So that meant the program could read his mind, or at least his feelings. How creepy...and incredible! As he hastily constructed his scheme, his brain almost finished the riddles without him posing them. He asked the program whether there was a way to know strangers' names without asking. The program responded, "You can set your mental perception to a high enough capacity that it can read stored memories. There you will find people's names to be readily available." He did as the program advised, making sure to give him acute directionality for the skill as to not be constantly smothered with "TMI." He also gave himself the ability to specify what information, besides name, he would like to access. To be safe, he made it particularly difficult, like rock climbing, to access other information, just to make sure he wasn't invading the entire city's privacy on a second-to-second basis. Just for now, at least. To recap, he could make any girl stay or go by choosing them with his mind and he could now find out any person's name by designating them as a target. He finally commanded that no one in the cafe would notice him using his phone for anything abnormal, they'd have no desire to touch or look at his phone and they wouldn't be alarmed by any abnormal behavior in the cafe. At the current moment, besides the one female and one male baristas, there were three other woman. One of them was a slightly chubby girl, dressed in a thrift store-type t-shirt and some faded jeans. He had no use for her so he kind of just willed it, and she slowly got her stuff together and left. Close to the front of the cafe, there was a taller, skinnier girl with, probably, some B cup breasts, but a pretty stunning face, somewhere between Natalie Portman and Jennifer Love Hewitt, talking kind of obnoxiously loud on her cell phone. She was kind of ditsy, but laid-back. Her hair was beautifully cinched back into a high ponytail that fell straight down to bottom of her shoulder blades. She had on a black, low-cut, sleeveless top, and dark skinny-jeans that finished at a pair of boat shoes with no socks. Nat tried to look into her mind. It was definitely a new type of skill, kind of like driving stick for the first time after being used to automatic. He eventually got the hang of it, and through some special intuition he found where the identity area of the psyche was, and there lied whatever name each person thought they had...Hers was Julia Becker. "Gotcha!" he thought. He tried to make himself a mental map as he retreated, for future subjects. And then he entered her name into his phone. Julia's image stood there waiting for his divine design. Once again, Nat was a bit put aback by the ethical dilemma of what to do with all that power. He could empathize with the dilemma faced by a God figure. Perhaps it wasn't unfathomable why there was war and heartbreak in the world. It's not fun to just manifest the ending of a story. One had to tell the story, with twists and turns. Likewise, with Nat, it wasn't going to be fun just to suddenly have his dick in a random hole. He needs the preamble, the motivation, the resistance, the prolonged release. But it was never too late to get started, so he dove in. "Julia, you will have a sincere passion for stroking dicks. You will believe you can smell large dicks and that you smell Nat's dick profusely, once he gets near. Your tongue will be 1.5 times as long as it is currently. When scolded, you will become more juvenile, like a teenager and your sex drive will get twice as strong." Nat then made her breasts extremely sensitive and a C cup instead of a B, with a particular perkiness and firmness to them. He made her cunt hairier, which would be something she was proud of. And he made it so anytime she gagged on a cock she would need to have her ass plugged by something. Though surprising, he commanded, these modifications will all be pleasing to you. He pressed enter and saw how she stopped talking as she felt the changes happening in her body. The other female customer in the cafe, he found out, was named Alice Johensen. She appeared to be Scandinavian of some kind. She had broad shoulders and golden blonde hair. Her facial features were soft and motherly, but her eyes were a fiery arctic blue. She must have been 6 feet tall. Her thighs were solid and robust. She wore a crop top off her shoulders, and it was clear she was packing heat underneath. He looked at the program and it said she had a 32DD, so he changed that to a 32GG (cuz he felt like getting smacked by some wrecking balls). He also gave her full knowledge of how to use her breasts to pleasure him and tantalize him. As he was entering these commands, a couple more women walked into the cafe. The first was an older woman who looked kind of outdoorsy. Next, he thought. The second girl was a shorter Mexican girl. She was maybe 19 years old, with a tight body, darkish skin and a kind of "hood" look to her. She reminded him a bit of a porn star he used to crush on, named Lupe Fuentes (apparently she's a DJ now...) so he decided to keep her. And the last girl was...oh fucking shit. He couldn't believe his eyes, it was Misha Scott, the black girl on which he had just recently tested the program when he first got it. What are the fucking odds! She was a bit sweaty from a run so her hair was a little messy, pulled back in a loose ponytail. She had on nylon shorts that barely fit around her huge booty. Her thighs were thick and dark, with almost no cellulose. She was wearing a V-neck T, tied at the waist and her breasts jutted out prominently, even through the sports bra she was wearing. She radiated sex and coolness and she was here. Talk about synchronicity! Nat was about to urge her, with his mind, to stay and sit down, but before she could, she looked around and noticed Nat sitting in the back. She squinted at him across the room. "Nathaniel...?" He looked up from his phone and acted surprised to see her. She walked over, excitedly. "I can't believe that's you. You look amazing!" "Thanks, Misha. Not sure what you're talking about. Haven't been very healthy recently," he said, trying to act modest. "No, you look hella good, Nat!" "Thanks. So what are you doing in Brooklyn."

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