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Photo of Molly White  - from Hastings, NE.
First let me tell you a bit about ourselves. My name is Kurt. I am 5'9" tall with a closely shaven head. I pride myself in my ability to keep my body toned, but I am by no means a gym rat. As my love of my life, my wife, Kala has measured many times before, my cock is 7.5" long when fully hard with a nice engorged bulbous mushroom head. My love, my companion, Kala is smoking hot. She is a fiery 5'4" petite brunette with incredible perky 32C tits. Oh, and how could I forget her amazing taught ass that one could bounce a quarter off of it's so firm. Because of her incredible hotness, I have learned to tolerate her bitchiness and her demands. Kala has one of the most domineering personalities of anyone I have ever met. She tells me what she wants, and expects to get her way. Kala and I both have a voracious sexual appetite. There are few precious days when my rock hard cock isn't unloading buckets of hot cum into her tight pussy. Kala and I have talked about me fucking her perfect rosebud asshole before. She has teased me by entertaining the thought, and getting me worked up for it, only to deny me when it was time. Although it has become a habit that before I fill her pussy that I slap her across each ass cheek as she coos with enjoyment. This has been my plan all along to combat her bitchiness. I have been subtly planting the seeds for Kala's anal training. From the first time I laid eyes on her ass, I have wanted to bury my cock into it. I needed to make her want me to fuck her in the ass, and love it. Then she would expect it, and I would deny her the anal satisfaction until I was ready. She would need to beg for it, and get it up the ass when I was satisfied. ... A few weeks back, I was sprawled out on the couch watching some sports show when Kala entered the living room without saying a word. She stood in front of me, dropped to her knees and began tearing at my shorts to get my cock out. I had no problem assisting her. Without saying a word, my cock disappeared down her throat and became fully hardened as she sucked me off. Just as I was about to unleash my load, Kala stopped, and removed my cock from her mouth. She looked at me and said, "Kurt, I have been doing a lot of thinking and reading and I think I'm ready to let you fuck my ass!" Before I could say a word, she took my engorged cock into her mouth once again, and sucked me until I unloaded hot spurts of cum down her throat. After regaining some consciousness, we discussed exactly what we wanted to do. Kala wanted to spend two weeks training and preparing her ass for my cock. During that time the only sexual play that would occur would be the training each day after work. We also agreed that no solo masturbation should take place. With our plan set, I went down to the local sex toy shop and to gather all the necessary training supplies I was instructed to acquire. First, I got a big bottle of our favorite lube. I then got an anal training kit. The kit consisted of increasingly large butt plugs. I also got and an inflatable butt plug as well. The final item I acquired was a set of anal balls. The first day of our training would not consist of any toy use. When Kala got home from work on Monday I had a towel laid out on the bed, some soothing music playing in the background and some scented candles lit. Kala offered up an impassioned kiss, stripped down and laid face down on the towel. I then massaged her back and legs saving her ass for last. Upon reaching her ass, I slowly needed each firm cheek. I then ran my fingers gingerly up and down the furrow of her ass. As my fingers approached her perfect pink rosebud I looked down to see her beautiful pink pussy glistening with its sweet nectar. I then got the lube and squirted a dollop on Kala's asshole. I saw her reach for her pussy, but gently reminded her of our arrangements. I then placed the tip of my index finger against her asshole and applied slight pressure without entering. I let Kala adjust to the pressure for a minute or so before pressing my finger slowly into her incredibly tight hole. Kala's body shuddered with the intrusion but motioned for me to keep going. Within a few minutes my entire finger was seated in her as. I slowly began to twist my finger around inside her ass, applying gentle pressure to loosen up her ass. Just then an intense orgasm rode through her body. I removed my finger, laid next to Kala, kissed her, and cuddled until we showered for dinner. As we cuddled we discussed in detail what Kala liked and didn't like about what I had done. This discussion is an extremely important part of the training to ensure that when it is finally time for my cock to enter my lover's ass, it will be the most intimate and incredibly pleasurable experience for both of us. The second day started out exactly as the first day did. After fingering Kala's ass and working her into an intense orgasm, it was time to try out the first plug. The beginning plug was only slightly larger than my index finger. Before applying a generous amount of lube to the plug, I had Kala turn her head towards me as I stood next to her. I then proceeded to insert the plug into my mouth, and slowly pull the plug from my mouth to symbolize the new connection this experience would bring us. I then returned to my position behind Kala's ass, applied a generous heaping of lube into the neon pink plug, and pressed it gently against Kala's incredible pink rosebud. As I did this, Kala reached back and parted her ass slightly with her hands to assist in taking the plug. I think my cock got its hardest right then watching the love of my life open herself to me. As I began to push the plug into Kala's ass, she began to ever so slightly arch her back, allowing even easier access to her ass. It did not take long for the 5" plug to slip fully into her ass. Kala then said to me, "Oh, Kurt, that feels amazing! I don't know if I'll be able to take your huge cock, but I want to try so badly!" "I want to be in you so badly right now!" I replied. "It will be all the more special and wonderful of an experience once we complete the training regimen." Kala attempted to offer up a reply, but I could tell she was building to another intense orgasm, so I began to gently turn and remove and reinsert the plug. This action combined with me slowly needing her left ass cheek with my left hand sent her into orbit. I wanted to badly to stroke my throbbing cock as I watched the pleasure fill Kala's body. As with the day before, we cuddled and kissed before showering making our way to the kitchen for dinner. The remainder of the week started out the same way, but each day a butt plug was introduced into her ass, starting with the smallest and progressing to the largest. We also worked on increasing the intensity of the insertion along with how long Kala was able to keep each plug seated in her ass. Friday was the last day of training for week one. The toy of choice was the Pink Pummeler Ass Pounder. A beautiful neon pink 5" diameter rippled butt plug. This plug brought the most intense full feeling and the most intense orgasms Kala has had all week. After Kala had her third orgasm of the night, we cuddled and spooned again. However, today we agreed that I could keep my rock solid cock pressed firmly between Kala's incredible ass cheeks. I could have cum right there without any further stimulation other than the feeling of the love of my life's perfect ass cradling my cock. bigbootytube.xxx

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