Oops... Sexiest Real Estate Agents (postscript)

It was really funny when Dustin (of RainCityGuide.com) mentioned that their site was found by [sexiest real estate agents] keyphrase and they actually were ranking #2 in Google for the phrase... Well, sorry Dustin, my help came out sideways :)lol

Sexiest Real Estate Agents

Did you know that [sexiest real estate agents] is actually a search phrase that brings 2,500,000 search results in Google. I guess I didn't do my homework on keyphrase research :)lol Last year Wendy Heath, Belmont Shore CA, posted a billboard with a photo of herself in bikini which created quite a buzz in blogs and media including major newspapers and TV :) She claims her web traffic increased 10 times just in one week. (Interesting how much traffic Pam A. and Tommy L. got in their video tape scandal?

Big Ad - is it COOL or what?!

It is great, hilarious and I want to buy their product now :) Check out the "Big Ad" commercial. You will have to click "OK" for the security authorization. Special thanks to Terry Light, founder of www.RealEstateABC.com and www.HomeSurfer.com who kindly shared this link with us.