IBSteam.net Features and Re-design Overview

Taking a Different Approach

For awhile now I wanted to get away from the "links directory" cliché and was trying to make improvements in the quality of the information provided by the directory. About 2 years ago I started gathering more personal and business data from the individuals and businesses that wanted to have their web sites listed here. Doing so greatly improved the quality of the content, and the web site's traffic overall. Some members repeatedly told me that they're

Screencast #2 - Submitting a Business Listing

This is a 17 minutes screencast that shows how to submit your real estate industry related business to this directory. I know, it's too long but I tried to record it twice and both times it came out about the same. To be honest, it's a little boring to my own taste, but if you need to be walked through the submission process - this does the job ;)

Screencast #1 - Registration

In the last couple of days I had a few personal requests and most of them were about how to do this or that within the new directory setup.

Of course, I put together a small FAQ, but looks like not many people read it ;) So I decided to create a few screencasts about using this directory.

So, this is Screencast #1 that walks you through the registration process. (I've never done this before and with my English it's quite challenging :) but I hope it's helpful.)