Free eBook: Google AdWords Guide by Andrew Goodman

A couple of years ago I bought Andrew's book "21 Ways to Maximize ROI on Google Adwords Select" written in 2004 for $69 and never looked back. What a great tutorial! Now you have a great opportunity to download a free updated ebook with all the information of quality score and other things that Google implemented within the last few years. I jumped right on it and downloaded myself a copy and I suggest you do the same. Even if don't do any AdWords campaigns right now - keep it in your

Google Trends - Search Volume Comparison Tool

New great tool from Google Labs was mentioned yesterday in Google's Official Blog - Google Trends. Google Trends is a Search Volume Comparison Tool that allows to retrieve "some" historical search data and compare the search volumes between each other and corresponding news volume for the same queries. The comparison is made visually in form of graphs - no numbers provided. You can compare up to 5 keywords/phrases and dig into them by year/month and country.

Yahoo! Local Featured Listings - Submission Process

I just submitted two listings to Yahoo! Local - one Featured and one Enhanced, so now when I have some experience doing that I can clarify on the costs, which might be not even close to $25 a month. I think Yahoo!

Yahoo! Local - Online Yellow Pages

Yahoo! Search Blog announced Local Featured Listings - advertisement that targets local search and appears in the highlighted top or bottom of the page whenever visitor searches for similar business in your area. Amount of Featured Listings is limited to 6, so I gotta buy a couple tomorrow for my brokers and hopefully HomeGain and the gang won't buy them all :) The "best" part about it is that Yahoo!

Co-Citation - to your SEO advantage

First of all let's define citation and co-citation terms:

Citation analysis was developed in information science as a tool to identify core sets of articles, authors, or journals of particular fields of study.

Cocitation analysis has been used to map the topical relatedness of clusters of authors, journals or articles...

Google Confirms: and their clients' sites were removed from

Wow! I didn't really expect that form Matt Cutts. Hope this helps Aaron Wall to win the case.

Thoughts Aloud on Link Relevance

Many of us doing, so called "link exchange" and in most cases we do it because we have to do it. Says who? SEO Gurus?

PR Fakes

Before I get started I want to thank Max for inviting me to write on his Blog. Did you know that a site can Fake PR in the Toolbar? If not you might be giving away homepage links or worse paying for a link that has no value. A site can use redirects to actually make the toolbar think that the site is another site and show the other sites PR. So a garbage link farm could fool the toolbar into thinking it was a PR7,8,9 or even a PR10 site if they wanted to. Then turn around and ask you to pay a very large amount for a link that has no value.

Notes on recent news

I am way behind on catching up the past news since PubCon in Vegas. Just would like to go back and make some notes for myself and link to the most interesting topics to be able to find when needed. May be some of you will find them useful too.

WebmasterWorld PubCon Coverage

WebmasterWorld holds PubCon 10 in Las Vegas starded today, November 15 and will be ending on the 17th. I just wanted to link to two most interesting publishers that allow, those that couldn't attend and stayed home, to follow the exciting events. Search Engine Roundtable by Rustybrick and the team and Lee Odden with Online Marketing Blog