Property Maps on Your Site - with Trulia it is SOoo Easy!

I was emailing back and forth with one of the Trulia employees and he shoot me a copy of an email that they mailed out to their members about new very cool feature named TruliaMap. I didn't find anything on this subject in their blog, so I think it is pretty fresh news.

My Frequatly used Shortcut Keys in Windows based applications


I made a post on ActiveRain about the shortcut keys I'm using on daily bases in Widows based applications and thought it might be useful to other people.

1. Win - you know there is a button with Windows Logo between left Control and Shift - it opens up your Start Menu and if hit again it closes it. On some laptops it is located in the top right part of the keyboard.

2. Win+E - opens up Windows Explorer - not the Internet Explorer - WinExplorer allows you to access pretty fast to any of your logical drives as well as physical (CD/DVD/FlashDrives)