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Newark, New Castle, Wilmington, Middletown, Milford, Seaford, Smyrna, Magnolia, Camden, Dover, Harrington, Felton

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About Harrington ERA Realty

Dover REALTOR (R) Tom Davis serves Delaware home buyers and sellers! Looking To Buy Or Sell DE Real Estate? Call Tom Davis at: (302) 398-3757. My Motto: "Think Of Yourself As A Client!" I look forward to working with you to make sure your goals and timeframe are met. You need a REALTOR (R) you can trust to get the job done the right way! Selling? My last listing as of this posting sold in JUST 13 DAYS! Call to find out how I market your home differently to get it sold faster! You deserve the best representation! I can't wait to tell you what I include that other REALTORS (R) do not! You will be amazed with the "extras" and "Extra effort" I involve when selling your Delaware home! You just have to call for yourself and also I can give a Free Demonstration on how "it" works! Found out what it is all about with me, REALTOR (R) Tom Davis!

Tom Davis is the #1 Delaware REALTOR (R) on the Active Rain Real Estate Network! You deserve to find out why Tom Davis is #1 !

Tom Davis puts your needs, goals, and timeframe on his agenda! Ask for my FREE REPORT on buying or selling Delaware Real Estate!

FREE loan calculator helps you calculate what you can afford! Email me for it!

Selling a home? Find out the Best Approach to getting your home sold!

Chances are that you may want a bigger home for a growing family or perhaps your relocating due to the military and need something close to the Dover Air Force Base, if so I can help you!

You might also need to sell a home fast because you got a job somewhere else and you don't have time to waste to get it sold fast..if so I can help!

You may be seeking a home with a finished basement or perhaps a home that has a 2 car garage...if so I can help you! My clients look at the purchase of their home as an investment in their future...it feels good to have what you need! I can help you find it at your price range.... if not then I will tell you what to reasonably expect in terms of price.

You might be an investor looking for a fixxer upper or some sweet deal out there, if so I can help!

You might be a first-time home buyer who has NO CLUE as to what to do and what to expect when buying a home in Delaware... if so I can help you! You definitely need help with someone who will guide you through the process and help you steer clear of potential problems that would delay your purchase. I will be realistic with you on what you can expect to buy with your money...remember your probably not going to get that ocean front property or something really out of your price range especially when this is your first home investment! Let me help explain everything with you so you don't become frustrated with the whole process! I often find many first-time home buyers expecting way too much for their money so realize you have to give yourself a fair shake and realize what you can get now! Remember that when it is time to sell your home and trade it up to a bigger home...I will be there to help you and to help you find a bigger home when that time comes! My goal is to not put you into something you cannot afford and possibly lose your investment as that would really hurt me! I think of myself as a client and that is my personal motto!

You might be someone that needs Delaware listings emailed to you...if so I Can help! Go to www.TomSellsDover.com and let me know what your looking for! I will immediately set you up on a free home search that emails all the homes with your criteria in mind! Easy, Easy, Easy! Great way for you to invest in a home!

You may be looking for someone who is quick to follow up with what you need...if so I can help.

You may be someone who is not familiar with Delaware and needs relocation information about the state, if so I Can help!

You may be someone who needs "To think about it" when the time comes to buy or sell a home...if so I can help! I understand that buying or selling real estate does not happen for you everyday and this requires careful preparation. Also I know that you want to ensure that you have recieved the best service available. If so...i can help you when you get to this standstill moment!

You may need some tools to help you buy or sell...if so I can help! I have FREE REPORTS on pretty much every topic you need so just let me know... I can help! Your frustration about a particular thing or two can be eliminated when you get the right representation.

You may need someone that can help you get a better credit score...if so I can help...I even have a free report on that too!

Is their anything i didn't cover? I hope not...because i can help you!!


Tom Davis
(302) 398-3757

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