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About Riverside Home Source

Riverside California is a beautiful city, and we want to help you relocate to Riverside, and to help you make that decision we provide quality information and photos of our city, as well as video, to make sure you get a good look at Riverside before you use our property search or ask us for professional assistance.

Riverside California Real Estate and Community Info

We Love Riverside, California and are convinced that you will to once you have a chance to see all that Riverside has to offer. Here are some of our photos of our city for you to see what we're about.

Riverside Orange Groves 

Riverside Court House


Riverside Recreation

This is a view of Riverside California's Citrus park, located in the Arlington section of Riverside. There are natur trails, spots for picnicing and more at this little park.





Riverside Downtown


Riverside Downtown


See more pictures of Riverside downtown here


This area has quaint little shops and restaurants that are supported by the 4 star hotel the Mission Inn.

Riverside's Mission Inn


Riverside's Mission Inn


The Mission Inn is the central symbol of Riverside California. A 4 star hotel and wedding venue, it is also home to 4 different restaurants. Itallian, Spanish, Steak and International food can be found at these premiere restaurants.

 See more photos from the Mission Inn Here


Riverside in 20 Seconds 

We are now in the middle of a new project, to give a tour of Riverside in 20 seconds, you can catch our videos over at our new channel on Vimeo. http://www.vimeo.com/Riversideca



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