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Sexiest Real Estate Agents

Did you know that [sexiest real estate agents] is actually a search phrase that brings 2,500,000 search results in Google. I guess I didn't do my homework on keyphrase research :)lol Last year Wendy Heath, Belmont Shore CA, posted a billboard with a photo of herself in bikini which created quite a buzz in blogs and media including major newspapers and TV :) She claims her web traffic increased 10 times just in one week. (Interesting how much traffic Pam A. and Tommy L. got in their video tape scandal? ha-ha) Well, it appears that our friends at Rain City Guide are ranking #2 for the Sexiest Real Estate Agents keyphrase in Google :) Let me tell you, I'm a man, and I would really like to compliment 3 beautiful and very intellectual women that appear in the blog on regular basis Ardell DellalLoggia, Anna Luther and little Sasha Luther (I think I saw all Shasha's pictures that were available). I'll leave it up to ladies to compliment the men of that blog ;)


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