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Home Staging Tips To Get Your Home Sold Quick

Home Staging Tips

To Escrow or Not to Escrow, That is The Question . . .

An escrow account can be a great benefit to new homeowners that are trying to get their financial plans in order and establish some good money habits.

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Insane but True Facts About the USDA Mortgage

Although some of these things may sound too good to be true, or even insane, all of the following facts about the USDA mortgage program are true.

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Changes in FHA Reverse Mortgages are Not as Bad as You Think

The FHA reverse mortgage is undergoing significant changes. The modifications are designed to protect seniors & help them maintain possession of their home.

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UK Student Property Investment Guide

Why invest in student properties?

The answer is simple – the returns are guaranteed.

There is huge demand for purpose-built student accommodation in the UK because there is a national shortage. The number of local and international students is also increasing rapidly. Most people need a degree to have a chance of getting a job in the 21st century.

Is Owning A Rental Property Worth It?

One of the best decisions I ever made was to invest in a rental property.

When I started out, I bought a property that was nothing to write home about and I ended up sleeping on the floor. I worked very hard to make the house look presentable enough for tenants to want to move in.

A lot of people will make you question the wisdom of property investment. There are times when might question it yourself in the early years.

I learned an important lesson from that first rental property. Everything comes down to cash flow.

Common Mistakes Made by People Who buy a Home with Little or No Down Payment


Brazil Property Investment Guide

Behind the sun, sea and samba dancing, is a country that can now be counted among the giants of world economic powers. With the World Cup arriving this year, followed by the Olympics in 2016 and major off-shore oil discoveries, has there ever been a better time to invest in Brazil?

If you are an investor who has any concerns about heading for South America, let us calm those fears with this perspective on where Brazil is now and where we think it will be in the future. Read our free, 68-page Brazil Property Investment Guide and learn about:

Florida Guide – Everything You Need To Know About Investing In Florida

Florida Property Investment Guide

Have you ever wondered why Florida is such a popular destination among investors? What makes the Sunshine State so attractive? Maybe you’re after detailed information about running costs, management fees and what locations offer the best returns? Perhaps you would like to learn about the things that can go wrong and how to avoid them?

8 Ways To Achieve Your Property Investment Goals

Did you ever dream of owning a rental property? Or a whole portfolio?

Investment is no longer for the special few or rich people. It is open to anyone at any age or from any walk of life. 

The trouble is most clever people like you don’t really believe they can build a million pound property portfolio

How do I know? Well I had a long list of excuses myself before I started out as a youngster. They went something like this:

Down Payment Requirement is Shrinking for Jumbo Mortgages

How You Can Make More Money Without Turning Up For Work

I spent several years of my life working for someone else.

For a decade I worked in engineering. I gave that up to do a full time degree. Then I worked as writer. 

All the jobs I had led to one place – a dead end.

The dead end is the point where you have reached your ceiling.

Until you reach this point, a job really isn’t such a bad thing.

You get paid and someone else worries about the business side of things. All you need to do is turn up, do your job well, get paid and go to sleep when you get home.

Are You One Of The 76% Of People Who Have Broken Promises This Year?

By the time I finish this blog, 76% of people who made a promise to themselves for the New Year will break it.

If you happen to be one of the 76% but you want to join the 24% of people who kept their promise to change their lives, then you will need to understand one thing. It’s all about making progress.

And progress can be made in so many ways.

You can commit to losing a few pounds. You can  organise your life better, get fit or and take care of that desk full of paperwork.

Progress doesn’t even need to be about you. You can help others make progress.

How the Uninformed Gamble with Their Home: Protect Your Belongings with the Right Insurance Policy


How Much Money Do You Need To Be Happy?

Wealth to most people means money.  

When I used to think about wealth I would think about wealthy people.

The kind of people you see speeding past you in their Bentleys or those people who owned a much bigger house than me with six bedrooms and secure gated entry.

To buy all these things you need money of course and lots of it.

Even to be a millionaire these days is not such a big thing as it once was. The people we look up to as wealthy now are more likely to be billionaires than millionaires.

How To Banish Inflation From Your Wallet

There are really only two kinds of inflation you should be worried about:

  • The inflation that starts costing you more money
  • The inflation you can’t see

You notice the first one when you go and do your weekly shopping and leave the supermarket scratching your head and thinking ‘what did I put in the trolley that made it cost this much?’

The inflation you can’t see is different.

It comes in cycles. This kind of inflation sneaks up on you when your attention is on other things.

What Will You Be Regretting This Time Next Year?

You can find yourself making choices every day. Most of the choices you make are for a reason. You need to do something or make a change. 

Some choices are forced on you. You need to make money to support yourself and your family so you choose to go to work.

At this time of year it is usual to make different kinds of choices. The kind of choices that are more about wanting something than needing it.

The Good Golfer’s Guide To Property Investment

You can spend most of your life investing in property and then discover you just wasted the rest. 

Property investment does that to you.

You feel the buzz of making money on your first investment property and you just want more of that feeling.

This is why the best property investors don’t stop, they keep on going. 

It’s a bit like golf. You start playing the game down at the local course, begin to sink a few putts or hit a drive onto the green to score an eagle. You feel ecstatic – on top of the world. 

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The Shocking Truth about the Fine Details of an FHA Loan


3 Mind Blowing Things I Learnt About Investment From A Boxer And A Book

Funny isn’t it how life can point you in a direction you would never have thought of going.

I like boxing and one day I decided to look up this heavyweight boxer and how he became a heavyweight champion by beating Muhammad Ali in 1973.

This was a fight nobody expected this boxer with a unique, unorthodox style to win. Four years earlier he had lost a fight to an unknown fighter from Puerto Rico, even  getting himself knocked out in the process.    

5 Ways that VA Mortgages Trump Other Kinds of Loans


Why Fractional Ownership Is Better Than A Timeshare

When I speak to someone who shows an interest in fractional ownership properties, I can understand when that person says “is this a timeshare?”

What I can tell you is that the two are quite different in a number of important ways.

Timeshares have been around since the 1960s and opened up the dream of owning a share of property abroad to those who perhaps didn’t have the funds to actually buy a property of their own.