Cost of Living in North Carolina

There are many reasons to relocate to Southeastern North Carolina, not the least of which is the mild climate, beautiful beaches, historic charm, low property taxes and below average cost of living. At Brunswick Forest, you can enjoy all of these things and much more with our unparalleled lifestyle and gorgeous homes and home sites.


Wilmington, North Carolina’s Below-Average Cost of Living

According to data collected during 2013 by the American Chamber of Commerce Researchers Association, Wilmington, North Carolina’s cost of living ranks 1.4% below the national average in six major categories of consumer expenditures. These include groceries, housing, utilities, transport, healthcare and miscellaneous goods. All categories of expenditures are well below the national average and North Carolina’s housing cost index falls almost 16% below the US average.


Low Property Taxes

When compared to the rest of the state, towns and cities in Southeastern North Carolina, such as Leland and Wilmington, have some of the lowest property tax rates in the state. In Leland, where Brunswick Forest is located, the average annual property taxes for a $400,000 home is just $2,376 a year! In comparison, the average property taxes for a home in Bergen County, New Jersey in 2014 was $11,159.

Lower Tax Burden and Energy Costs

At Brunswick Forest, you can enjoy a low tax burden compared to national averages. According to state and local government finance data, the 2011 tax burden in North Carolina was just $7,354 per capita, compared to more than $11,000 per capita on average for the Northeast states of Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and the District of Columbia.

Brunswick Forest homeowners save on their utility bills as well. In North Carolina, energy costs are just $8.67 per kilowatt hour compared to $13.24 per kilowatt hour in Northeast states.

An affordable lifestyle awaits you at Brunswick Forest! Contact us today to learn more about our homes for sale and how you can save money by relocating.


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