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Should I get a loan with an adjustable rate? By: Betty Westerlund, Virginia Realtor

The idea of borrowing money is not a new phenomenon.  You will pay to borrow.  Based on your credit and history of repayment, your interest rate will be calculated accordingly.  You may already have an ARM or are thinking about obtaining one.  Bu what is the specific history of adjustable rate mortgages?  When were they first used? And Why?

Where Should I Live? By a Metro Station… of course!!!

Washington Post makes it clear: People Like to Live Near Metros

The Washington Post ran an article in February 2011 letting the world know that people like to live near Metro Stations. (I am including the article below.)   As if this is a hot news alert… the number one mantra of real estate is “location, location, location.”   This is why outlet malls are in the middle of nowhere and a loft in time square is worth several million!

One of the earliest decisions a home shopper must make is where to look.

More Affordable Housing in Fredericksburg VA

Don’t want to pay top dollar for a home in downtown D.C.?  Try Fredericksburg, VA.

To Short Sale or Not To Short Sale. That is the Question.

I want to short sale my Virginia home.

By: Betty Westerlund, Virginia Real Estate Consultant 1(540) 845-7247

Virginia Courthouse Auctions Explained: How to Find Good Deals

So you want to buy a home on the courthouse steps?

By: Betty Westerlund, Virginia Real Estate Consultant (540)845-7247