I want to sell my Johnson County Home, then what?

In case you haven't been paying attention to the news or the internet, the real estate market is hot again. House Question MarkWhat that really means is that there are more buyers than sellers or in simple terms it is a "sellers market". Right now there are an estimated 3-4 buyers looking for every 1 home listing on the market.

So if you are a seller that is great, right? Not necesarily for a lot of sellers. It seems the problem for many is that they don't particularily like any of the homes listed in the neighborhoods they want to move up into or their favorite homes sell immediatley. We are in the hottest sellers market since 2005, yet most sellers won't put their house on the market. So what is the answer? How do I move up from my current home while the sales are hot and still take advantage of low rates while finding the home of my dreams.

If you want to sell your home and are absolutely terrified of the idea of living on the streets in a cardboard box because your dream home does not seem available, here are 3 ways to sell now and insure that you will get to purchase your dream home.

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Rent Backs & Contigencies - Buyers want your home, no I mean they really want your home. They want it so bad that they are willing to allow you to rent it back for 30-60 days while you continue to shop for your dream home or maybe while you are waiting for a builder to complete a model home you absolutely love. Maybe you have 3 or 4 homes that you like? You can make acceptance of the buyers offer contingent upon succesful acceptance of your offer on your replacement home.

Bridge Financing - Have a lot of equity in your current home? Use it to get temporary financing to help secure your new home before putting yours on the market. Securing your replacement home before putting yours on the market is a sure fire stress reliever.

Pocket Listings - Great Real Estate Agents talk to potential sellers and other great listing agents every day, your dream home may be for sale it just isn't on the market yet. The seller may be doing some remodeling before listing or their company is relocating them at the end of the school year. You would be surprised that there are homes in your dream neighborhood that never get listed to the market. You just see a moving truck pull up one day and  someone else moves into your dream home. 

As a Top Agent in Johnson County Kansas it is not my job to seach the MLS for homes to look at, it is my job to find you the best homes whether they are on the market or not. Do you fear putting your home on the market due to lack of suitable replacement options?

Let The Russell Home Team provide solutions, we have the experience to sell your home for top dollar and find that dream home. 

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