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19 Historic Houses in Farmington Hills, Michigan

Farmington Hills, Michigan is a place rich with historic homes, buildings and architecture. It’s a place where uniqueness and artistry of Michiganders are showcased in their finest form. The following is a list of Michigan State Historic Sites that you won’t find anywhere else but in Farmington Hills, Michigan. Royal Aldrich House – 31110 Eleven […]

Apartment Safety Tips That Every Renter MUST Read

Safety and security must be your number one concern when renting an apartment. You shouldn’t compromise it for the sake of style, comfort and amenities. If it’s your first time to rent an apartment, here are few safety tips and advice that you must know. Before signing the rental agreement: Check all the cabinets for […]

1BR Apartment With Utilities Included. Only $700/Month!

This 1 bedroom apartment offers amazing livable space that is quite larger than other apartments. The location is very accessible and convenient too! Amenities: ☑Pet friendly ☑Laundry facility ☑ Personal storage cage ☑ Walk-in closets ☑ A/C Wall Unit ☑ Garbage Disposal ☑ Refrigerator ☑ Oven ☑ Gas Included ☑ Water Included ☑ Trash Pick-Up Included […]

This Truly Heartwarming Video About Michigan Will Make You Love the State Even More!

This music video is not only entertaining to watch and relaxing to listen at, it also shows the beauty of Michigan.

Welcome to Michigan

This Amazing Time Lapse of Michigan Will Surely Make You Like The Great State Even More

Time lapse videos are one of the best ways to emphasize the true beauty of nature. It’s one of the best ways to show how magnificent and remarkable a place is without using any words. This time lapse of Michigan simply shows that the state’s beauty is beyond words.

Michigan Falls

WATCH: Time Lapse of Michigan That Can Surely Make You Want To Live There

Michigan Time Lapse

This time lapse of Michigan’s rural landscapes is truly one of the best I’ve seen in a while. If you are the type of person who wanted to move out from the stress of the fast-moving city, this time lapse will surely make you want to move in Michigan at the soonest time you can.

First Time To Rent An Apartment? These Set Of Questions Can Help!

First Time To Rent An Apartment? These Set Of Questions Can Help!

If it’s your first time to rent an apartment and you are about to meet with the property manager, you must have set of questions prepared. These questions can make a difference in terms of living safely and happily in your apartment or ending up regretting that you signed up the rental agreement.

These set of questions are originally posted at ForRent.Com. We found great value in this so we decided to share it here as well.  Without further ado, here they are.

Apartment Hunting Tip: How to Choose a Neighborhood

Apartment Living Tip: How to Choose a Neighborhood

For most people especially for the first time renters, searching for the right apartment comes down to what’s only inside the apartment. Their checklist usually only includes the furniture, the rooms, the appliances and others that are included as part of rented space.

Very Clever Space-Saving Beds Perfect For Your Apartment

If you are renting a small space apartment, for sure you wanted to have stuff or furniture that are multifunctional. You wanted those furniture that can serve different purposes at your home. For example, a shelf that can serve as a divider and at the same time, a storage unit.

Clever Space Saving Bed Perfect For Your Apartment

5 Moving Tips and Tricks That You Should Know Before Renting An Apartment

5 Moving Tips and Tricks That You Should Know Before Renting An Apartment

Renting an apartment doesn’t stop or end with you paying the fees and moving in. There’s a lot of process you have to do and go through with. One of those process is “packing and moving” your items.

To make your moving process much easier, here are few tips and tricks that you can do or follow.

Storage Hacks Perfect for Your Apartment’s Tiny Bedroom

The main problem that most people face when renting an apartment is storage. Having a good storage in a small space seems like close to impossible. But with the tips I listed down below, I am quite sure that you can create extra spaces especially at your own tiny bedroom.

Built In Storage Bed

Built In Storage Beds

Apartment Hunting Tips That You Should Always Remember

The internet offers various tips and advice in terms of renting an apartment. Many are deeply focus on the security. Some others are focused on the budget or financial aspects. And some are focused on apartment renting with pets.

This article pretty much summarizes all the common tips and advice you can find around the World Wide Web. Whether it’s your first time to rent an apartment or not, these tips can surely help you out.

Without further ado, here are the tips I compiled for you!

How To Avoid Getting Screwed When Renting An Apartment

Not all landlords do business in a good and honest way. Some will try to maximize their profit by scamming you with all the fees and bills they will put at your face. Some may even force you to pay an expensive rate despite the fact that the place does have lots of maintenance issues that needs repair.

So whether it’s your first time renting or not, these tips will surely help you out to avoid band landlords and apartments. These tips can save you and your hard earned money from those so called scam artists.

Fee vs. No Fee Apartments

If you’ve ever rented an apartment or a house, you’ve probably heard of a broker fee. Depending on the area you are renting in, you may find different rates. For example, rental brokers in New York charge an average of %10 against the year’s rent. When renting a Boston apartment, brokers will charge a slightly lower amount equal to one month’s rent. Regardless of where you ending up planting your rental roots, there will be broker fee involved.

Creative Ways To Decorate A Small Apartment

A small apartment can be a bit hard to design and decorate. With the limited space available, a creative mind and genius approach is needed. The infographic below gives you few tips and tricks in terms of decorating a small rented apartment.

Rental Moving Tips – Things to Pack Last


We’re talking hammers and screwdrivers, nails and screws, scotch tape, duct tape and especially, a tape measure.

A bottle opener and glasses.

Thirst always seems to come first -particularly if you have to lug that stuff by yourself. Dehydration is a sneaky beast, so be prepared.

9 Small-Space Living Tricks For Apartments

Make use of every available wall space.


Look out for multi-functional furniture.


Basic Interior Design Tips For Small Space Apartment

When it comes to apartment, interior decoration or designing in general is a bit challenging. You have to think about what you can do around a small area that can make it comfy, spacious and clutter-free.

Here are few tips that can help out in decorating and designing a small space apartment. They might be not that much but for sure, it can help start things out.

Apartment Design

A Renter’s Guide To Apartment Homesteading: Tips and Ideas

Before, homesteading is just for people with acres of land as their backyard. Today, the times are fast evolving and even the definition of homesteading has greatly changed. Now, everyone can be a homesteader, no matter where he lives.

Small Space Apartment Decorating Tips

When you rent an apartment, for sure you are looking for a small space. Small space to dine, to sleep and to live at. The small space doesn’t have to limit your creativity and designing skills though. In fact, you have to really decorate and design your small space apartment to make it appear larger and to make the most out of it.

Here are few tips that can help you maximize the small space you got.

Tips On Getting An Apartment For College Students

If you are about to go to college or switching from dorm to apartment, you might find it hard to get a good apartment that suits your needs and budget. The process you have to go through might be stressful and hard for a student like you. But with proper information and knowledge at hand, getting an apartment for rent for college students like you could be easily done.

Here are few things you have to keep in mind when getting apartment for college students.

Apartments for Rent – Making the Most of It

Renting an apartment is not always the best option, but for many, it’s the only and the very suitable option. If you are renting or about to rent an apartment, here are few tips that can make your apartment renting more fun and exciting.

Apartment For Rent Michigan

Apartment Hunting Tip – Know Your Budget And Its Limits


If you are doing an apartment hunting without a working budget, you will give yourself a hard time selecting the one that suits you and your financial capacity. Setting a budget is the very first thing you must do before anything else in terms of getting an apartment for rent.

Beautiful 4 Bedroom Home!!

Contact info:
Joel Schmidt | RE/MAX Platinum | 810-844-2273 

Residential9270 Shannon Dr, Brighton, MI 48116$549,000

Year Built: 1947
Sq Footage: 4664 sqft.
Bedrooms: 4 Beds
Bathrooms: 4 Baths
Floors: 3
Parking: Garage
Lot Size: 116305 Square Feet
Property Type: Single Family House

Make Your Apartments As Comfortable As Your Dream Home

More often than not, apartments are seen as a small space that are intended only to sleep at day in and day out. A space that is kind of lifeless or colorless since people who rent here are not staying permanently.

Most families nowadays prefers renting an apartment over a house or home. The number one reason is the budget or the cost. Apartments are much cheaper compared to renting a home. So if you and your family are considering to rent an apartment, here are few tips that can make your small space as comfortable and cozy as your dream home.