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Choosing a Granite Countertop

What is the best counterop for your kitchen? Here’s a great video on what kind of countertops are available.

Ski-in/Ski-out at The Canyons in Park City, Utah. Hyatt Escala Lodge. Best Ski-in/Ski-out condo.

Hyatt Escala Lodge - Ski-in/Ski-out at They Canyons $1,550,000 MLS #:9993618 3551 ESCALAPark City Proper, 84098 Description:   This condominium lives like a home, wonderful patio's off several rooms, you can ski in and out of your bac...

Park City Real Estate Market Slowly Turning Around

Housing Market Tilting Toward Sellers? By Gina Barker The Park Record Realtors and brokers agree: the Park City housing market is on the road to recovery. Seller and buyers are negotiating more, looking for the compromise rather than selling below...

Park City Real Estate Market Statistics - Updated 2012

Open publication - Free publishing - More market

Prudential Utah Real Estate Newsletter - Summer 2012

Open publication - Free publishing - More 2012 Dowload the newsletter.

Park City Real Estate News Update

Park City Real Estate Update Local experience leads to impressive national exposure The Park City area is known internationally for the “Greatest Snow on Earth” and its world class ski resorts. SKI Magazine’s annual reader survey ranke...

Luxury Deer Valley Ski Home Rental

New Deer Valley Ski-in/Ski-out Rental. http://www.deervalleyskihome.co.uk/ This newly remodeled, luxury ski-in/ski-out Double Eagle townhome offers approximately 3,000 square feet of dramatic European-inspired elegance. It is equipped with the ...

Luxury Deer Valley Ski Home Rental

New Deer Valley Ski-in/Ski-out Rental. http://www.deervalleyskihome.co.uk/ This newly remodeled, luxury ski-in/ski-out Double Eagle townhome offers approximately 3,000 square feet of dramatic European-inspired elegance. It is equipped with the ...

If you’re building a home in Bixby you need these things

Insulation, making sure the walls are properly insulated will help keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Have the insulation checked before it’s covered up. Make sure the washer and drying are in a convenient location. Attention to detail is important. Make sure the doors open the right way and the hallways and rooms are wide enough and there is ample storage. These things might sound like no brainers, but they are important once you move in and can be easily overlooked until then. Build your Bixby home in the right way.

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New home trends in Bixby

With new hope for the housing market in Bixby that has been struggling for years there are new trends in the housing market to go with the hope. Easy access is on the rise, with baby boomers growing older. So showers, bathroom and homes are being built to make it easy to get around. Bigger garages are also on the rise. Most people use their garage for storage rather than their car, and having more space is vital.

Other areas that are growing in importance in are laundry room, pantry and an area to drop off your phone, keys etc, a small resource center.

Avoid these neighborhood mistakes in Bixby

Buyers spend a lot of time looking for the perfect house that meets their wants and needs, but often time the neighborhood is overlooked. To make sure the neighborhood suits you think about the future not just the short time. What your needs for a neighborhood are now may not be your needs in a few years.

Remodels that turn off home buyers in Bixby

Many Buyers don’t like when the backyard is turned into a sports court. Motorized stairway chair lifts are unpopular, since most people don’t need them they just get in way at resell time. Many buyers don’t like when the only source of heat is a wood burning fireplace. That is an inconvenience and limits the number of people who would be interested in your home greatly.

Buying a foreclosure in Bixby

Many of the foreclosures in Bixby are being sold as is by the banks, with no fixes being done. Because there aren’t changes being made banks aren’t required to disclose the flaws of the property, most the time the institution doesn’t even know what the flaws are.

Since it’s up to buyers to have the house inspected and make sure there are no underlying problems we recommend you have a professional real estate agent in Bixby to help you avoid buyers remorse. Buying foreclosures is a good way to get a house at a price you can afford, but don’t go it alone!

5 Things Your First House In Bixby Needs

Starter homes don’t really exist anymore, at least for the time being. People are trading in their house for a larger model anymore. What makes a good first home matters more now because first time buyers ma
ke up a large part of the market.

The biggest priorities for first time buyers in Bixby is the price of the house, it needs to be affordable. You will be in the house longer than you think. Plan on about 10 years at least, so buy a house to accommodate the family you want to have in 10 years.

Stabilizing home prices in Bixby?

Home prices in Bixby are falling again, because the foreclosures that aren’t selling are holding steady. Unlike owner banks are quicker to cut the prices. Homes owned by sellers are stabilizing. Meaning that it is the banks continue to drop prices. The quick the banks get rid of their stock of foreclosures the quicker the housing prices start to stabilize.

Steps for Buying a Foreclosure in Bixby

The number one reason to buy a foreclosure in is the potential of a good deal. But make sure you inspect the home carefully. Most foreclosures and short sales are sold as is, so you have to make sure you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into.

Set up your financing in advance. Get preapproved for a loan before you start looking for houses in Bixby. That will speed up your buying time significantly. Research the area’s foreclosures, know what other houses are selling for.

Bixby Neighborhood Home buying Magnets

Neighborhoods matter. If the perfect house is in a Bixby neighborhood that doesn’t fit the buyers needs, it is no longer the perfect house. Access to transportation is very important. Being able to get from the house to work and other places is a huge factor for buyers.

Should You Try A Short Sale On Your Bixby Home?

A short sale is when a buyer and purchase a house for less than the house is worth. Short sales are hard to complete but are becoming more and more popular with so many people underwater in the mortgage payments. Short sales are much less damaging to a sellers credit than foreclosure.

Although success with a short sale in Bixby isn’t a guarantee it’s worth trying. Banks are speeding up the process and some banks are offering incentives. It’s defiantly something to look into if you’re having trouble making your payments.

Signs You Have a Crummy Bixby Agent

Communication is key. I will go out of my way to communicate with you. If your agent isn’t making an effort than consider me istead.
If your agent isn’t giving you advice. Everyone can benefit from a little advice when going through the real estate process. If you’re not given advice you could be dealing with an agent that isn’t involved in the process or not knowledgeable.
Advising you to use their lender. That’s a big red flag.

8 Ways to Upset Real Estate Agents in Bixby

Although your Bixby real estate agent stands to make a commission off of you that doesn’t mean you can take them for granted. Don’t act like you know it all because you searched the internet. The agent has been in the business for a long time and knows more about real estate than you do. Trust them.

Bixby Real Estate during the Holidays

Now is still a really good time for Real Estate in Bixby, Broken Arrow, Claremore Oklahoma areas. Buyers can, and do, get serious during this busy time of year. Lots of sellers take their homes off the market during the holidays, assuming no one will be buying at this time. But with serious buyers still out there and a lower inventory of homes, your home has a good chance of standing out. With fewer homes for sale, competition is decreased. There are good reasons to sell your home during the holidays.

Selling For The First Time in Bixby

Selling a house for the time first can be just as stressful as buying a house in Bixby for the first time. Here are a few tips to help your transaction go smoothly. Make sure you price your house realistically. This is a tough market and having the house priced correctly from the start can help you sell the house quickly. Be prepared to lose money, you probably won’t get what you paid for the house and definitely won’t get more than you paid, accept that early on. Any extras you throw in will help entice potential buyers.

Don’t Turn Off Homebuyers in Bixby

There are a few things that that turn off homebuyers in Bixby very quickly. If you avoid these 10 things your house will more than likely sell quicker. Any agent will tell you to avoid having these huge turn offs. Dirt is the number 1 turn off. Make sure you clean and dust before a buyer comes into the house. Odors are number 2. Move the pets and kids and old smells. Old fixtures, wallpaper and the popcorn ceilings are also on the list. Small updates help buyers love your home.

Walk away or Sell Low in Bixby?

Many people are faced with the decision to continue to lower the price of their house and hope someone buys it or walk away in Bixby. Instead of going the lowball route you can sign a new listing agent and have them list the house as a “motivated seller”.

However sometimes foreclosures are the only viable option. But try to contact the bank and work out a short sale. Remember that you are in the same boat as a lot of people. Don’t give up the farm and don’t give up!

The Hidden Costs of Refinancing in Bixby

When refinancing your Bixby house there are some hidden fees that many people don’t know about. 1. The application fee, which you will pay regardless of whether or not you’re denied. 2. Loan origination fee, the fee for processing and preparing the loan. 3. Inspection fee, some appraisers require you to get your house inspected first. 4. Attorney review and closing fee, you may be required to pay the attorney fee.