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Christmas Light Tips to Save Time, Money, and (Possibly) Your Life

Christmas lights can be modest displays to show good cheer, or million-bulb light-apaloozas that draw gawkers from near and far. Here are some tips on how to get the most from — and spend the least on — your holiday display.

Real Christmas Trees vs. Fake Christmas Trees: Which are Greener?

Real Christmas trees are better for the environment than fake Christmas trees: They’re renewable and recyclable, unlike that petroleum-derived faux model. But the aroma of pine will cost you.

How to Make Your Gingerbread House As Solid as a Real House

If you’ve ever built a gingerbread house, you know that walls crack, icing flakes, and roofs sag — if they don’t collapse altogether. And once you’ve got your gingerbread house up, you’ve got to maintain and protect it against sticky humidity and sticky fingers.

Hanukkah Dangers — Oy Vey!

When Jews around the world light Hanukkah candles, they’re playing with fire — literally.

The Museum of Play (Rochester , USA)

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Super-Secret Hiding Places for Holiday Presents

Whether you’ve got a nosy spouse or a curious kid, you need a good hiding place to squirrel away those gifts until you find time to get them wrapped and under the tree. Here are some ideas we came up with:

How To Insulate A Garage Door

Garage door insulation can make your life warmer, cooler, and quieter. It lowers energy bills, acts as a barrier between you and street noise, and brightens an otherwise dreary space.

Holiday Lights Gone Out? There’s a Recycling Program for That

When the glow goes from your holiday lights, don’t chuck them in the trash can; look for a program that recycles them — or better yet, a program that pays you to recycle them.

Kobe Port Tower (Kobe, Japan)

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Secrets of a Pro: How to Create a Dazzling Christmas Light Display

If you’ve got deep pockets and time on your hands, you can turn your ho-hum Christmas lights display into a dazzler with only 400,000 bulbs, 70 extra circuits, and hundreds of hours of pl

11 Ways to Create a Welcoming Front Entrance for Under $100

First impressions count — not just for your friends, relatives, and the UPS guy, but for yourself.

‘Gangnam Style’ Christmas Light Shows Popping Up All Over

Two homes are lassoing in the holidays with outdoor light shows set to the Psy mega-hit “Gangnam Style.”

CENTURY 21 Returns To The Big Game

Game on! It’s official – the CENTURY 21 brand will be reaching millions of homes live during the big game!

Would You Garden in a Bag?

Gardens often benefit from out-of-the-box thinking, so we were intrigued by an out-of-the-bag planting method we read about on Pinterest.

What Would MacGyver Do? In an Emergency,

We’ve all had them: the clogged drain, the ripped vacuum hose, the unsightly hole in the wall. Home repair emergencies like these are the last thing you need when you’re running out the door, running after the kids, or fielding other household chores.

Have You Told Your Home ‘Thank You?’

1. Give your house some time off (make systems work less).

Pet Projects That Repurpose Unwanted Stuff

Today is America Recycles Day, so we turned to some of our favorite online sites for penny-pinching re-purposing ideas that will benefit cats and canines.

Kunsthaus (Graz, Austria)

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How to Clean Up After Thanksgiving in Half the Time

Want something to be thankful for? Check out these tips that’ll make your Thanksgiving kitchen cleanup faster and easier — and will give you more time to enjoy family and friends.

Federation Square (Melbourne, Australia)

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LEDs Aren't Cheap: Here’s How to Get the Most for Your Money

Light bulbs are no longer a no-brainier. So here’s your strategy for buying and using LEDs

Is Failing to be Green the Same as Smoking?

You drag your recycling to the curb every week and wave to your neighbor who never puts out a recycling bin. “What’s up with Bob?” you wonder. “Why doesn't the man recycle?!”

Does Pegboard Kitchen Storage Really Work?

We love the picture featured on theKitchn.com that shows a pegboard hosting pots, pans, and even a row of cups, which wo