Quality Guidelines and Terms of Service

1. Submitted sites must contain company name, address and contact information as well as original content. Sites that are a combination of previous posted articles or blog posts (splogs) will not be accepted. The same goes for canned template sites without any new content added. If your site has been denied for this reason, you may resubmit it after new content has been added for a new review.

2. Sites must be about real estate or a related industry. If you site isn't in one of the niches defined by existing categories, it will not be accepted in the directory. Web sites that are pure affiliates, third party lead generators and referral companies will not be accepted.

3. Blogs. Blogs must have some original content (posts) in order to be listed. If you have multiple blogs and post the same content on each one, only one will be accepted.

4. Conduct. IBSTeam.net reserves the right to remove/change any submission description, listing or forum post, at any time and without a notice, if it feels that it is violating the terms of service agreement set forth on this site. That includes posting any text and/or graphics that are inappropriate for the site. If warranted, the site may also be removed and the user asked to leave the community. All submissions must be professional, well written with proper grammar and spelling, photos must clear and owned by the poster and the information provided must be correct.