Email Communication Tips

How many times have you found yourself in the midst of a confusing situation because of a misunderstanding in email communication?

Google Trends - Search Volume Comparison Tool

New great tool from Google Labs was mentioned yesterday in Google's Official Blog - Google Trends. Google Trends is a Search Volume Comparison Tool that allows to retrieve "some" historical search data and compare the search volumes between each other and corresponding news volume for the same queries. The comparison is made visually in form of graphs - no numbers provided. You can compare up to 5 keywords/phrases and dig into them by year/month and country.

Yahoo! Local - Online Yellow Pages

Yahoo! Search Blog announced Local Featured Listings - advertisement that targets local search and appears in the highlighted top or bottom of the page whenever visitor searches for similar business in your area. Amount of Featured Listings is limited to 6, so I gotta buy a couple tomorrow for my brokers and hopefully HomeGain and the gang won't buy them all :) The "best" part about it is that Yahoo!

Property Listings in Google Search Results

Yesterday, while searching with a couple of [city+real estate] keyphrases I noticed two new fields at the top of the organic results: Location and Listing Type (here is quick example San Francisco Real Estate). Location by default already has your city name and listing type provides drop-down list of the following choices: all, for rent, for sale and room to rent.

Featured Client of the Month

Advanced AccessFirst time I got featured in Advanced Access (Real Estate Web Marketing company) newsletter as Featured Client of the month. It's kinda cool even though its very limited "recognition" (if I can say so). They called me and asked if I would like to give an interview.

Sexiest Real Estate Agents

Did you know that [sexiest real estate agents] is actually a search phrase that brings 2,500,000 search results in Google. I guess I didn't do my homework on keyphrase research :)lol Last year Wendy Heath, Belmont Shore CA, posted a billboard with a photo of herself in bikini which created quite a buzz in blogs and media including major newspapers and TV :) She claims her web traffic increased 10 times just in one week. (Interesting how much traffic Pam A. and Tommy L. got in their video tape scandal?

Big Ad - is it COOL or what?!

It is great, hilarious and I want to buy their product now :) Check out the "Big Ad" commercial. You will have to click "OK" for the security authorization. Special thanks to Terry Light, founder of and who kindly shared this link with us.