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Canter Brokerage

655 West Broadway Suite 1650
San Diego, 92101
United States
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Jenna Balegno
San Diego,
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Serving Areas:
South County, Central, North County, North Central, East County, Coastal

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About Canter Brokerage

The Canter Brokerage has been an innovative company focusing on every standard of real estate investment and development. As an integral part of The Canter Group, Canter Brokerage is comprised of a team of real estate agents with fields of specialization in San Diego real estate. As one of the top realtors in the city, the CB realtors have diverse backgrounds in residential resales, new home sales, home building, finance/investing, and wealth management.
Comprised of a team of Agents with individual niche expertise, The Canter Brokerage offers exclusive service only to long-standing customers. The office has effectively brokered numerous transactions that are often neglected by traditional brokerages due to complexities within the transaction. TCG prides itself on the successful outcome of all the real estate transactions they Broker and always operate under the mantra “the client comes first.” TCG brokerage is not made up of individual agents chasing a commission but rather a working component of the company's daily operations in assisting our clients through completion of their transactional needs. As we expect excellence in everything we do, we require all of our agents to be highly educated and qualified in their felids of expertise, be members of CAR and their local Association of Realtors, as well as to be active participants within their respective communities. 

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