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It was discussed many times that unique content with relevant links in it may benefit much more in the long run rather than regular links that we exchange on daily bases. It is not proven thing, but you don't need to be scientist to figure it out. We already know that link exchanges are not approved by SEs in the way a lot of people do it, and seeing latest implementations of "nofollow" attribute, researches on block-level link analysis indicate that search engines working on improvement of their ranking quality to bring highly relevant search results. They want to be able to recognize which links are more important. From here, since all of this about quality and content relevancy I figured I would give more opportunity to our members and let them put their own content on their listing details pages. You can read more abut the whole deal here - Your Content on the Listing Detail page for Free. I also created Featured Listings page just to show you listings that using their custom content to attract more visitors through search engines - you're welcome to check them out. By the way, here are the latest submissions that Featured their listings with custom content: You know that people have much more choices on the net than in Yellow Pages, give them the reason to go to your site - provide the info they are looking for.

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