Reciprocal Link Request Option - "be or not to be?"

I've been thinking for a while now about adding an option to request reciprocal links from the other members in the directory. I would like to through a poll into you and see where it leads. Meanwhile, here is how it could be implemented:
  1. Members always have choice to opt-in/opt-out by checking on/off the option in their listing editor.
  2. All the requests would go through online form from our directory, - no email addresses will be revealed this way until recipient replies (autoresponders are exception).
  3. Image Code can be implemented to avoid auto requests.
  4. No automatic exchanges, no mass emails, no linking schemes - manual replies and final reciprocation if desired by both parties.
That's pretty much it. I see it just as another way to make communication simpler between real estate agents/webmasters who desire to expand their visibility on the net. I wouldn't allow to turn this directory into linkinking scheme or another LinksManager which actually is not indexed by Google (at the time I'm typing it). Please feel free to leave your comments.

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