Bulk Mail - Never been Easier and Faster!

Have you ever done bulk mail? At least a few hundred pieces? If yes, than you are familiar with the time consuming process of printing letters, stuffing envelopes, sorting and bundling them. From now one you can forget about all of that and get your bulk mail (of cards, letters, flyers etc.) done in about 10 minutes, after you come up with your message and mailing data, from anywhere where online access is available... ..and, it will be mailed tomorrow. USPS NetPost Services - fully automated online bulk mail service! Check it out, it will help to save you time and money. NetPost Service allows to send:
  • Letters
    • Community newsletters
    • Personal/professional correspondences
    • Resumes
    • Holiday greetings
  • Flyers (Self-Mailers)
    • Sales promotions
    • School newsletters
    • Community meetings
    • Local sports information
  • Booklets
    • Newsletters
    • Community Bulletins
    • Travel brochures
    • Store promotions
  • Postcards
    • Real estate announcements
    • Business promotions and discounts
    • Relocation notices
    • New Address announcements
You will need to go through fast and simple registration process to create an account (no credit card required), then you will be able to play around. NetPost has Step-By-Step submission, which is very simple for a non-techie person. You can create your letter/card/etc online using their tools or upload already written material - NetPost supports the following formats for the contextual part: doc, pdf, ps, eps, jpg, gif, tif, png, bmp and pcx. Mailing list supported in csv, tab, mdb and xls formats. NetPost has extensive library of post cards to choose from, also it allows custom layouts and graphics. You can keep your contacts online and schedule mailings up front. Check out NetPost Services Prices and Cost Estimator for your mailings - they are very good. BTW, if you make your submission before 2p.m. EST - it will be mailed out the next day. P.S. One little thing I discovered - some pages don't work properly in Firefox, so I had to use Internet Explorer.

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