Email Communication Tips

How many times have you found yourself in the midst of a confusing situation because of a misunderstanding in email communication? If you're like me (human ;)) then it's probably happened a few times. You type too fast or read too fast or miss a word, and the whole tone and meaning of an email can change. Even though there is no tone of voice in email, we usually infer one ...and the way we interpret it can often be determined by the mood we're in or the kind of day we're having. Try this: read an email when you're upset, sad, or even angry. Then remind yourself later to read that same email when you're in a great mood, having a great day. You are likely to have at least a slight change in your interpretation of that email based on your own mood. Another issue is that most of communication is actually body language...which is obviously lacking from the typical email program. So with all these things stacked against us, and email being one of the most widely used communication tools around, how do we try and communicate effectively with the person on the other side of the Internet connection? I've written an article outlining some important Building Blocks of Email Communication to help you get some good ideas. Enjoy!

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