Property Maps on Your Site - with Trulia it is SOoo Easy!

I was emailing back and forth with one of the Trulia employees and he shoot me a copy of an email that they mailed out to their members about new very cool feature named TruliaMap. I didn't find anything on this subject in their blog, so I think it is pretty fresh news.

Before I get any further, I need to mention that this will work only if your listings are in Trulia - that means you or your web provider have to be submitting your property listings feed to Trulia. Which I know some template based sites already do - like Point2Agents and AdvancedAccess (for information on submission property feeds to Trulia with template base sites contact your web service provider).

TruliaMap will let you have GoogleMap on your site with up to 50 (your) most current active property listings pin-pointed in a specific area within a minute or may be even less depending on your copy'n'paste skills. It is 8-step process where 7 out of 8 items are options to choose with your mouse and only 1 to fill in with your fingers - which is your site domain to claim your listings within Trulia. Then it provides you with HTML code which you copy and paste into your web pages. Since Trulia updates properties from your feed automatically - the maps being updated every 24 hours as well. Another cool thing about it - the code does not contain any scripting in it - only HTML - which I know in some template base sites scripting is not allowed and in others JavaScripts can break pages. With TruliaMap you shouldn't have any problems like that.

Trust me, it is EASY! I have experience creating Property Mapping Solution for my company site - in many cases it involves server side scripting, databases, java scripting etc. etc. etc. and at the end you stuck with debugging it :)

Here is example of the property listings in 6 different towns here in Myrtle Beach area. If you're using Internet Explorer - please be patient since GoogleMaps are a little slower in it - on the other had Firefox makes them pretty speedy and provides great experience with Google Maps.

Myrtle Beach

North Myrtle Beach

Little River


Murrells Inlet

Pawleys Island

Surfside Beach

The TruliaMap creation process is so easy that I don't have to say anything else. Just remember that you have to have your property listings already in Trulia. For more information on how to submit your listings read "Submit Your Feed" on

Also, looking at the HTML code Trulia provides, I can change map dimensions and adjust styles so it brings up as large or small map as you want and you can change title of the maps as well.

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