Google Trends - Search Volume Comparison Tool

New great tool from Google Labs was mentioned yesterday in Google's Official Blog - Google Trends. Google Trends is a Search Volume Comparison Tool that allows to retrieve "some" historical search data and compare the search volumes between each other and corresponding news volume for the same queries. The comparison is made visually in form of graphs - no numbers provided. You can compare up to 5 keywords/phrases and dig into them by year/month and country. Pretty cool - check out my real estate comparison:

Google Trends

Interesting.. looks like housing bubble was already in 2004 all over the news - in 2005 it probably was "the end" of the National Economy caused by "housing bubble" (I don't remember that - probably was on vacation ;)) - and as you can see people are searching for "homes for sale" a lot.. so back to work! Nice tool, I already can see how it can help a lot of people to identify which areas to target and which niches.

Thanks to Nina Hale for mentioning the news to me.

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