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About Coastal REO Solutions

Coastal REO Solutions (CRS) is a firm devoted to stabilizing the Myrtle Beach real estate market by offering property assessment and risk management services of property and other assets in any stage of foreclosure. We are the Grand Strand’s leading REO and Troubled Asset Real Estate Firm, so no matter what state of the foreclosure process you find yourself in, call Coastal REO Solutions and we will do our best to help you through this troubling time in your life. We can’t help you if we don’t know about your situation, and contacting us early in the proceeding is absolutely vital for a positive outcome. We accomplish this by utilizing our staff’s superior knowledge of market conditions and strategies. Our phone number is 843-839-8406 and our email address is

Coastal REO Solutions understands the critical importance that an integrated, comprehensive effort plays in placing REO properties in marketable condition efficiently and cost effectively. When a property is maintained proactively with “curb appeal” in mind, the likelihood of a buyer issuing a purchase offer is greatly enhanced, reducing the time the property is on the market and enabling the property holder to recover the highest achievable value and quickest disposition. Achieving these lofty goals of maximizing marketable condition generally requires diligent preservation, protection and ongoing maintenance. Additionally, we find it is necessary to coordinate efforts with the appraisers and local real estate agents during our aggressive sales campaigns.

Coastal REO’s asset management department is comprised of Maintenance and Repair Specialists, Client Relations Representatives, and an Aggressive Marketing Team. These individuals work together to facilitate the placement of the asset on the market as quickly as possible while ensuring quality work to preserve and protect each property, from foreclosure sale to marketable condition, and finally, to the point of a completed sales transaction. Coastal REO provides Preservation Services with an unwavering focus on ensuring that the property is placed in marketable condition as soon as possible after foreclosure sale or an eviction.

Coastal REO has developed an innovative and unique approach to serving REO properties that is designed to maximize efficiency of service, minimize administrative costs and eliminate costly duplication of work. To provide for more effective management of costs for our clients, we have developed a  “cradle to grave” concept that allows you to more efficiently project costs over the life cycle of an REO property. 

f you are a buyer, investor, or speculator looking to purchase foreclosed real estate be sure to use the proprietary search application located on our website.  CRS also has access to Bulk REO packages and Bank Notes that may be purchased. 

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