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Matt van Bakergem
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I was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri but was introduced to South Carolina's beautiful low country as an infant. My grandparents owned Oak Island Plantation and it didn't take long for this Midwestern, city-dwelling guy to fall completely in love with island life on Edisto!

Oak Island was built in 1828 by my ancestor, William Seabrook and until 2002, remained in our family. After my grandfather, a career army officer retired, my grandparents restored the beautiful house and I looked forward to spending time at Oak Island every year as I was growing up. My Grandfather, "Pop" taught me to fish, to cast a shrimp net and to eat oysters while Amy, my grandmother encouraged my golf skills and my love of low country cooking. Edisto seemed a magic place to visit and I know I've found a permanent home now.

I attended Furman University in Greenville, South Carolina, graduating with a BA in Sociology in 1999. I met my wife, Karen there. We were blessed in 2004 by the birth of our beautiful daughter, Ella. In August of 2007, we welcomed Benjamin to the family. Casey is our yellow Lab. We recently purchased a home and look forward to making improvements in the coming months.

I've been a realtor since 2002 and feel absolutely suited for a job that takes me all over the island on a daily basis. I know I've explored every single inch of it! I've got a list of happy, satisfied clients that continues to grow.

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