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Best Oakley lense tint for baseball I look at polarized Cheap Oakley lenses, first off. You Cheap Oakley Sunglasses going to have glare from the field and surrounding fences, etc., to negate. You may or may not like a "contrast" lens, as opposed to a "neutral" lens like black or ice iridium (which actually have identical light transmission). The VR28 black iridium polarized are probably Oakley best lens. You might also consider the fire, gold, and tungsten iridium polarized, or maybe bronze (non iridium) polarized. Ice can be a nice Cheap Oakley looking lens for viewers, but it a plain neutral grey lens from user perspective and you assumably concerned about user functionality first and foremost. Ice iridium is a pretty light tint. If you going to be looking up into the sun a lot, you may want to go with something a bit darker. Ice is just Cheap Oakley enough to "take the edge off", but it not SUPER dark though. That just my opinion. Your mileage may vary. Darkest would be Black Iridium. A good compromise and personal favorite of mine is Gold iridium / Bronze. fake oakley sunglasses Not sure if it available in POlarized any more, but if it is, that would probably be your best "in between" lens. I also look at a polarized lens as that will cut glare. If you play under the lights or cloudy overcast days, a yellow lens is going to work best. Yellow increases contras.

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