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Friendly Snowboarding Gear With the winter season in full swing, many people are enjoying the Wholesale Oakley exciting sport of snowboarding. For those who are environmentally conscious, several companies provide a host of snowboarding supplies that are eco friendly. If you wish to live in a "green" way and still take part in the thrill of snowboarding, check out these websites and the snowboarding goodies that they have to offer. Just a few of these awesome snowboarding supplies featured are Forum Snowboard boots for men and women (these boots are manufactured from recycled content), Arbor, Roxy, Rome, and Liberty snowboards that are made from bamboo, and women's Spyder pants that are woven from bamboo. This website also offers men's Patagonia jackets and pants and men's and women's Patagonia gloves as well as Teko socks, all of which are made from recycled materials. Three companies in particular provide some colorful and sharp looking snowboards that are eco friendly. Venture, an independent Colorado board maker, uses American poplar and ash that have been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council to make their boards. Arbor utilizes bamboo, poplar, and paulownia to create their snowboards' cores, and they help to keep poly ethylene out of the landfill by using what is left over from other snowboard companies. Salomon, a well known name in the Fake Oakley snowboarding community, has developed the "Sick Fake Oakley Stick," a snowboard that is made from bamboo and contains less resins than conventional boards. Beaverwax and Enviro Mountain Wax are two suppliers of environmentally friendly snowboard wax. Beaverwax produces wax that is made from eco friendly additives while Enviro Mountain Wax derives their wax from North American plant and vegetable extracts. Neither of these brands of wax contain Cheap Oakley sale toxic crude oil or chemicals. Gretchen Bleiler, a renowned Olympic snowboarder, has her own eco friendly Fake Oakleys collection through Oakley. Three of her featured items at the Oakley website are two snowboarding jackets and a pair of snowboarding pants that are made from recycled polyester and have been waterproofed in an environmentally friendly way. If you are a snowboarding fan and want to be a friend to the earth as well, give these pieces of eco friendly snowboarding gear a try. You will not only be stylishly supplied, but you will be doing your part to help save the environment. Have a happy, safe, green snowboarding experience! Published by Ruth Carter Ruth is a happily married mother of three who enjoys writing poetry, participating in poetry readings, learning new things, tutoring, teaching classes at a local co op, doing personal assistant work, and hel. View profile

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