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Says 'No Deal' to Iran Hostage Cheap Oakley Swap Offer you Politics Nation Now Politics Now Best of the Ticket Science Science Now Obituaries Planet Globe Now Afghanistan war Africa Americas Asia Europe Middle East Organization Funds Co. Best on the Ticket Readers' Rep Store Everyday Deals Travel Delivers Weekly Circulars Gives Offers Sports Gear LA Occasions Product cheap oakley sunglasses See More Member Center Alerts Newsletters Jobs Cars True Estate Rentals Weekly Circulars Neighborhood Directory Place Ad WASHINGTON The State Department today rejected an Iranian provide to trade Western hostages in Lebanon for Shia Muslim prisoners held in Israel and Kuwait. Rafsanjani, one particular from the most potent figures in Iran's Islamic fundamentalist regime, denied that Tehran exerts direct control above the Lebanese extremist groups believed to be holding 24 Western hostages, which includes eight Americans. Calls Trade Attainable But inside the interview, performed Wednesday after American hostage Charles Glass acquired his freedom, Rafsanjani advised NBC foreign editor Henry Champ that a trade was attainable. "We have some influence on particular groups in that country, Lebanon, but we never interfere in what they do," Rafsanjani stated. officials launched military equipment obtained under the shah but denied towards the recent Tehran regime. Oakley explained her flat statement of "no deal" meant no release of military tools that Iran is in search of, no stress on Israel to release prisoners, no pressure on Kuwait to release prisoners. policy remains to not make concessions to terrorists or inquire other nations to do so. "Making concessions only encourages additional acts of terrorism." An Israeli army spokesman said today that any person interested in securing the release of foreign hostages in exchange for Shia prisoners held by Israel must enter into negotiations Fake Oakley Sunglasses with Israel. "In principle, the Israeli army is interested that hostages be freed and this difficulty resolved. Those wishing to talk about that in a critical method know they ought to speak to Israel," the spokesman mentioned. Within the NBC interview, Champ asked Rafsanjani if Iranian influence could possibly be brought to Fake Oakley bear about the groups to free of charge other hostages. 'Why Should We?' "Why ought to we get it done when you have hostile attitudes towards us, and also you also are helping our enemy and you have such a naval buildup inside the Persian Gulf?" he responded. "Why ought to we allow you to and try out to resolve your difficulty?" He advised that the United states must "set pressure on Israel to release those Lebanese they've taken hostage," referring to Shia protection suspects captured by Israeli Fake Oakley Sunglasses forces in southern Lebanon. He also mentioned Shia prisoners in Kuwait, an evident reference to 17 men imprisoned for any series of bomb attacks there in 1983. Rafsanjani pointed out that prisoners held by Israel were released in 1985 within a trade for passengers taken hostage on the TWA flight hijacked to Beirut, and asked, "Why never you repeat (the trade) now?"

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