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Best Fishing Sunglasses What to Look ForFinding the best fishing sunglasses is not actually an easy task; the requirements of a fisherman when looking for shades is more than to merely protect his eyes. Polarized lenses are the latest thing in sunglass technology and ideally this is the kind Fake Oakley Sunglasses of lens you should be looking for in a good pair of sunglasses to take out fishing with you. Basically, polarized lenses not only keep out the sun's rays but also help to eliminate glaring too; priceless for getting rid of that glinting and glistening off the water when fishing. This tech also allows a terrific clarity of vision, so you can land that catch without worrying. Of course, fishing is a somewhat gentle hobby that can take you away for hours at a time, so being comfortable is also a consideration. Many of these styles of glasses can be obtained in different sizes to suit you, and are of a high quality so they shouldn't pinch or irritate. Hilton Pay Polarized P52 SunglassesSunglasses with polarized lenses can often be a little on the expensive side, but this pair from Hilton Bay are very reasonably priced as well as looking pretty darn cool to boot. The frames are really lightweight so will keep you comfortable throughout your fishing trip, but are really durable too, so there shouldn't be any nasty accidents with this pair. They have a good wraparound look as well, so your eyes should be pretty much protected from all angles. It's also a reassuring feel as a general fit, so if you have a bit of a struggle on your hands with an especially big catch, these bad boys should still stay in place throughout the action. JiMarti JMP8 Polarized Sunglasses This is a really cool and striking pair of sunglasses that really fits the bill in terms of embracing both comfort and style. Honestly these are so comfortable that you can forget you are wearing them at times. Considering they feel so comfortable as well as having the all important polarized lenses, the price is really reasonable. There are four different color ways in the Jimarti JMP8 polarized range so if you don't like the one pictured and want something more understated, or even overstated in the form of an orange pair, then you have that option too. The prices vary a little depending on your chosen color but shouldn't set you back more than 60 dollars in fact Amazon have them listed at between 45 50. Oakley Twenty 2012 Sunglasses Great When FishingOK, so you know with a name like Oakley, that you are going to be paying a little bit more for your eyewear, but I've singled out this pair (newly released for 2012) as I think this style will see you through for years to come. So in the long run they don't turn out as expensive as buying a new pair of cheapies every year. They retail for around $120, so they still represent good value for money in my opinion. The wraparound style makes them highly suitable when fishing so your eyes are protected from all angles, and the clarity of the lenses is unrivaled. The styling also makes them really comfortable to wear, and has frames that go around the entire lens, so if you aren't a fan of the exposed edge lens, this is a great option for you. Arnette Wolfman SunglassesYou can really feel the vibe of hunter gatherer in this pair of Wolfman sunglasses. They are cool beyond belief, but will still be in fashion for years to come, so the $110 price tag shouldn't put you off. The great thing about these is that they won't look out of place walking round town or on the beach either, so it's not just a great pair of fishing sunglasses you are getting. There's also a range of four different colors, so you can opt for something a little more individual in the way of a striped brown frame for Cheap Oakley Sunglasses example, if you are bored with the classic black. I like these ones though as they still have some great detailing on them, so aren't a boring look in the least they have real style. Of course the polarized lenses mean you get the glare from the water cut out, but the technology of them allows you to still see really clearly to pick out ripples in the water. This range is 'one size fits all' but should be comfortable enough for most people to wear for long periods of time. JiMarti JM01 Unbreakable TR90 FrameThe JiMarti JM01 style is quite a striking one, and offers seven different color frame and lens combinations. They are hugely popular among fishermen and there's no surprise why. These guys just deliver. They have style, performance, and are pocket friendly too. The polarized lenses have a spectacular degree of clarity while being shatter resistant too. In fact with the lenses being 'unbreakable' this is fake oakley sunglasses one sturdy pair of shades you are getting for your money, so whatever life has to throw at the JM01's they can take it. Despite the strange look (though actually they look really great on) these sunglasses are super comfortable too. These Cheap Oakley sale are a really good buy at between 20 3o dollars fake oakley sunglasses depending on your color preference. So that's your lot. The top five best fishing sunglasses money can buy, with differing styles and differing price tags. A lot of these styles would be just as at home on the beach, golf course, or when cycling too, so you needn't be limited to just using them for fishing; consider how often you think you'll use them before making a decision. If none of these take your fancy though, remember to keep a look out for those with polarized lenses, which are just invaluable when you are fishing. They may cost a little more, but you can certainly find reasonably priced options too. Once you own a pair, you'll wonder how you managed without them.

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