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From South to South Poor Macon. The off ramp from the Discount Oakley highway looks like any other; Golden Arches and used car lots litter the sides of a four lane broken asphalt road. Heading into town, blown out windows and old cement roads reveal a vacant town that had its hay day decades earlier. was once a burgeoning town, just 85 miles south of Atlanta. Today, it little more than a memory of an Old South Fake Oakley gone by. Fortunately, the good people at the Big House keep one of its primary attractions Fake Oakleys (and the reason for our visit) alive and rocking. Big House is a restored masterpiece, devoted to its one time inhabitants and founders of The Allman Brothers Band. The Allman Brothers Band is just one of the Macon musical moments of brilliance. Otis Redding, Randy Crawford and Little Richard are just some of the others who have roots here. Big House is well worth the $7 admission, if not just to see Berry Oakley seven headed shower of opulence! The guitars and other musical artifacts are a musician delight (so I could tell from my husband gazing eyes). There is also an interesting map of the town which will take you to other highlights. Records, now a defunct empty building with no trace of its history, was also born in this town. Marshall Tucker Band, Wet Willie, and Elvin Bishop all walked through Capricorn doors doors which are now sealed with rusty padlocks and weeds which grow between the cracks. highlight was paying our respects to the gravesites of Duane Allman and Berry Oakley. The two were killed in strange and tragic motorcycle accidents not even a year apart. video below will show you my enthusiasm when the heat index was 108; I felt like I would soon be lying next to the duo. you can see from the picture below, a faithful fan brought food for the departed from the Allman Brothers favorite H Restaurant. Mama Louise cooked the boys their favorite Southern Soul Food and it has become famous (also thanks to a recent visit from Oprah) for classic Southern vittles. When Starbucks was first getting started in 1971, there were only two kinds of coffee in the mainstream world regular and decaffeinated. Half and half was the only creamer and white processed sugar sweetened the deal. People didn't go out for coffee alone nor define their identity by the beverage they brewed, or that was brewed for them. Things used to be different, including Starbucks where the Siren was a true image of feminine identity. as Dennis Miller would say, I don't want to get off on a rant here, but I will. read an article the other day in my six dollar New York Times Sunday newspaper about the Starbucks Siren apparently she lost her nipples and belly button as a sacrifice for our proclivity to politeness. Back in the 70s, Miss Starbucks was voluptuous and genuine. I like men. I like working Oakley OutletSale with men and for men. Men are not the problem, in this case. Most women have their thumbs firmly over their man's head. Actually, I would argue Cheap Oakley Sunglasses it was probably not a male who decided to pull the nipples and belly button and replace them with the oh so civilized suggestive curves. Most men would find this idea outrageous and so do I. is wrong with an alluring female goddess on the front of our 10% post consumer recycled fiber, made in the good ole us of a tall latte cup? She is as seductive as caffeine is on a soggy wet morning when you just don't feel like clambering out of bed. litigiously frightened and religiously stifled society (whoa, now there a provocative statement for a church going girl) is so afraid to offend that we have even changed our coffee cups.

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