Google PageRank Guide for Searchers and WebMasters

Danny Sullivan (at SearchEngineLand) wrote a very long articles on Google PageRank yesterday.. it already has over 500 diggs in one day. I haven't read it yet, everyone says its a must read :)

Here are the main topics Danny covers:

Easy Page Removal from Google's Index

Pretty good news from Google today - they have added "URL Removals" options to their Webmaster Central tools. This tools allows to remove not only URLs, images or files from Google's index, but also whole directories, sub folders, a whole site if you wish and even cached pages in the results. I noticed that many agents lately fighting duplicate content issues, wrong cache in the results, supplemental results etc. Well, I think this is a great tool to play with.

Property Maps on Your Site - with Trulia it is SOoo Easy!

I was emailing back and forth with one of the Trulia employees and he shoot me a copy of an email that they mailed out to their members about new very cool feature named TruliaMap. I didn't find anything on this subject in their blog, so I think it is pretty fresh news.

SEO Plugins for Wordpress

Graywolf created pretty exstensive list of Wordpress plugins that will help you to improve your blog's SEO and usability. Check it out, I think it's well worth bookmarking.

My Frequatly used Shortcut Keys in Windows based applications


I made a post on ActiveRain about the shortcut keys I'm using on daily bases in Widows based applications and thought it might be useful to other people.

1. Win - you know there is a button with Windows Logo between left Control and Shift - it opens up your Start Menu and if hit again it closes it. On some laptops it is located in the top right part of the keyboard.

2. Win+E - opens up Windows Explorer - not the Internet Explorer - WinExplorer allows you to access pretty fast to any of your logical drives as well as physical (CD/DVD/FlashDrives)

Moving to New Host

Sorry for the inconvenience, but our Real Estate Directory won't be available for now until I completely move everything to new host. My current hosting company took the liberty to pull the plug on my site due to high server load from the directory. After about 18 hours of downtime and bullshit they finally turned the site back on until I pack up and move out. Unfortunately they don't allow me to run the directory, to make sure it won't pull down the whole server. Please be patient I'm working on migrating the site right now. Hopefully it won't take too long.

Google Analytics Reliability Doubts

There is an interesting post at called How Reliable is Google Analytics? by Michael Martinez. Michael makes a very strong point that Google Analytics may not be as reliable as we think it is. He compares some numbers between Google Analytics and his own web log data for one of his web sites (Xenite.Org):

Email Communication Tips

How many times have you found yourself in the midst of a confusing situation because of a misunderstanding in email communication?

Real Estate Connect Conference in San Francisco July 26-28, 2006

This year annual Inman Real Estate Connect conference is scheduled on June 26-28 in San Francisco. I never attended one, but I'd really like to especially since it's getting more interesting every year now. This years (July) featured speakers are:

  • Craig Newmark, Founder & Customer Service Representative of the largest listing source on the Web, Craig's List

  • Dave Liniger, Founder & CEO of the biggest real estate company in the world, RE/MAX

Google Trends - Search Volume Comparison Tool

New great tool from Google Labs was mentioned yesterday in Google's Official Blog - Google Trends. Google Trends is a Search Volume Comparison Tool that allows to retrieve "some" historical search data and compare the search volumes between each other and corresponding news volume for the same queries. The comparison is made visually in form of graphs - no numbers provided. You can compare up to 5 keywords/phrases and dig into them by year/month and country.