Google Toolbar for Firefox released!

Finally Google released Toolbar for the Firefox web browser. It became available sometime between 5:00pm and 6:30pm EST - I checked last time just before I left my office. All the known functions are in this tool, some of which are redundant since Firefox already has Google Search and AutoFill options implemented. PageRank indicator looks different and reminds me Yahoo! WebRank since it is vertical bar. I'm really looking forward using SpellCheck function which I really need :)

Google Toolbar for Mozilla Firefox

There was a small post by Fritz Schneider at that Google will be releasing their toolbar for Firefox users someitme tomorrow on June 7th. As we know the toolbar was available only for MS IE and now, if you're still interested you should be able to use it in Firefox with all the know options available in IE. Personally I'll probably look into Spell Check option since I'm a very bad speller :)

Google Earth - satellite imagery, maps and the power of Google Search.

Google released new free toy for their fans - Google Earth. I downloaded and played with it a little bit. I should admit it is very impressive - satellite and mapping technologies all together implemented into really neat tool that not only can give you directions, show streets, boarding, lodging, dining, coffee shops, ATMs and zip code areas, but many other things that might be handy. Maps and satellite pictures stitched into a globe with terrain effect and whole bunch of layers available that can be checked on and overlay on the desired areas...

My Google Sitemaps experience

Recently Google released Beta version of their new tool Google Sitemaps. Basically it allows you to generate a site map for your web site in XML code and feed it to googlebot. Google gave a link to third party tools that spiders your site and generate the site map automatically - you can read about it here.

Keywords found in our directory statistics

I would like you to take a few minutes to look at Directory Announcements thread in our forum. I listed very specific keywords that keep appearing in our statistics. Very many of which are less competitive, but since you mentioned them in your link titles and descriptions people keep finding those exact pages. This keyphrases might not drive as much traffic as city and state specific ones, but they surely very targeted and may convert more business. Please read the Free Content post and then check out the keywords.

Your Content on the Listing Detail page for Free

We always had additional page available for each listing - the detail page. To see this page you can go to any category and click on the More Info hyperlink under the listing or click on the Options, and then Details from the new available choices. Here is an example of regular detail page, which being created automatically after submission is approved.

Which Search Engine is the Most Relevant?

Barry Schwartz from started pretty interesting project The Search Engine Relevancy Challenge where users can grade relevancy for each search result and at the end we all can see the relevancy statistics based on user relevancy perspective. Please take a few minutes to contribute to the research; I think all of us would be interested in the final results :)

Case sensitivity for domain and file names

This topic was discussed so many times in different forums and being asked again and again. I would like to post a link to a small but very good rerview at by Barry Schwatz. Next time when you think about www or non-www urls, or case of your file names and folders you would already knew about it ;) Case of the URL & File Name

Google Answers

I thought I was familiar with all Google Services, but actually not. Google Answers - very interesting and worth looking into service. If there is something you're looking for, but can not find on the Internet - you can ask others by paying for the answer. Google uses independent contractors that are knowledgeable and tested by Google. You can ask pretty much anything - scientific, professional, personal or health questions.

Google IM for Windows - Beware!

Just wanted to let everyone know who is not aware yet regarding a Virus that hids under "Google Instant Messenger for Windows" name and might be sent to your gmail account. More ditails at