Real Estate Agent Website Promotion News

Ken Smith, Realtor® and webmaster, started his new adventure with Real Estate Web Promotion blog. He starts with real estate web sites and directories that might be of great benefit to be included. He also provides information on the sites that are no good as far as linking goes - cheats, "post and remove" (kinda like hit and run :)), and those that using redirecting scripts for their links and other scam to avoid.

How does Google collect and rank results?

There was an article "How does Google collect and rank results?" by Matt Cutts in Google's December Newsletter. In general there is nothing new in it, but very interesting and written easy to understand. Also it gives some great ideas on what you should be looking when trying to link to someone or getting a links to your site.

Notes on recent news

I am way behind on catching up the past news since PubCon in Vegas. Just would like to go back and make some notes for myself and link to the most interesting topics to be able to find when needed. May be some of you will find them useful too.

WebmasterWorld PubCon Coverage

WebmasterWorld holds PubCon 10 in Las Vegas starded today, November 15 and will be ending on the 17th. I just wanted to link to two most interesting publishers that allow, those that couldn't attend and stayed home, to follow the exciting events. Search Engine Roundtable by Rustybrick and the team and Lee Odden with Online Marketing Blog

ex-Urchin now presented as Google Analytics and it is Free!

One of the best and most expensive Web Analytics softwares, Urchin, was bought by Google at the end of spring this year; and now, Google presents its new product - Google Analytics, based on Urchin and completely free. Btw, from now on redirects to Google Analytics web page.

Bulk Mail - Never been Easier and Faster!

Have you ever done bulk mail? At least a few hundred pieces? If yes, than you are familiar with the time consuming process of printing letters, stuffing envelopes, sorting and bundling them. From now one you can forget about all of that and get your bulk mail (of cards, letters, flyers etc.) done in about 10 minutes, after you come up with your message and mailing data, from anywhere where online access is available... ..and, it will be mailed tomorrow. USPS

Latest SE News

A lot of things happened while I was visiting Eastern Europe and I have very little time to keep up now, but I'll try anyways. Here are some links to the latest news: Current Google 3-phase algorithm update - Jagger. Seams like this update is directed on weeding out more spam and fight on search results manipulations - looks like it has a lot to do with links. Read more about at it at WebmasterWorld and DigitalPoint.

SEO Tools from We Build Pages

Two days ago Jim Boykin wrote about their new tool, which had some bugs, so I decided to wait till its fixes. Wasn't too long - the tool came out of beta today. Check out Neat-O Backlink Tool - the tool finds pages linked to your domain and tells what anchor text is being used in your link. More details on the tool in Jim's blog. Also, Jim mentioned other great tools they built and I would like to post them here too:

Yahoo! Site Explorer Live

Yahoo! Site Explorer (beta) finally publicly accessible. It's a simple tool that reports how many pages are indexed by Yahoo! and how many Inlinks (inbound links) there are for the correct page, domain or the whole site. The coolest stuff is that you can save the output in TSV (tab separated values) format and easily work with it. Also, Yahoo!

Some SE News and Resources

I have been extremely busy for the past couple of weeks - I'm finally done with my legal paperwork at least for another 3 years and my wife and I are going home to Ukraine for a vacation :) So I won't be here from October 6th and till the 27th.

I would like to mention some interesting news that were announced during past week: