Instant Search by Yahoo!

Yahoo! just made available new tool - Instant Search Beta. Instant search is pretty much the same search, the only difference - it gives you straight answer while you're typing. For example type in GOOG and it gives your a blurb with Financial Information on Google with quotes and a chart. The same way you can enter your city weather or any other search query. For more details read the announcement in the Yahoo! Search Blog

Google Blog Search Beta

That was requested by users in Y!360 an implemented as local feature, but now Google release global Google Blog Search that allows to search all the blogs which feeds can be indexed. As it mentioned in Google Blogsearch Help - Blog Search will respect robots.txt files and INDEX, NOFOLLOW meta tags. What's more interesting - Google allows already known commands like:
  • link:
  • site:
  • intitle:
also they added a few new ones that might be helpful:

GoDaddy Suspends Domains Over Link Requests

Very disturbing news I hear - well known domain reseller and hosting company penalizes domains for link exchange requests by blocking them for spam abuse and re-instating for abuse fee of $199. Alan Webb (ABAKUS Internet Marketing) has more insight in his SEO Blog.

The Biggest Web Design Mistakes of 2004

I just finished reading article The Biggest Web Design Mistakes of 2004 by Vincent Flanders, which I'm pretty sure would be an eye opener for many people that create their web sites for business and other purposed.

Check out new members' content pages

It was discussed many times that unique content with relevant links in it may benefit much more in the long run rather than regular links that we exchange on daily bases. It is not proven thing, but you don't need to be scientist to figure it out. We already know that link exchanges are not approved by SEs in the way a lot of people do it, and seeing latest implementations of "nofollow" attribute, researches on block-level link analysis indicate that search engines working on improvement of their ranking quality to bring highly relevant search results.

Reciprocal Link Request Option - "be or not to be?"

I've been thinking for a while now about adding an option to request reciprocal links from the other members in the directory. I would like to through a poll into you and see where it leads. Meanwhile, here is how it could be implemented:
  1. Members always have choice to opt-in/opt-out by checking on/off the option in their listing editor.
  2. All the requests would go through online form from our directory, - no email addresses will be revealed this way until recipient replies (autoresponders are exception).

Blogger for Word

My friend just sent me a link to a Russian article about Google creating a new module for Microsoft Word which allows to post in Blogger remotely from your MS Word application - even though I'm not using blogger sounds pretty handy to me :) The module can be downloaded directly from Blogger Whoever tries, please leave a comment if its any good ;)

10 Best Resources for CSS

Yesterday, just before leaving my office I spend a few mintues playing at and stumbled on an interesting post - "10 Best Resources for CSS" by CmdrTaco. Yeah, CSS is getting more popular nowdays whether you're designer, developer or seo. Here is the list:
  1. CSSZenGarden

Real Estate Blog Squad will be covering NAR Realtors Conference & Expo Oct.28-31

Real Estate Blog Squad founded by Frances Flynn Thorsen, a Bethlehem, Pa., Realtor and blogger will be covering NAR Conference and Expo on October 28-31. 14 realtors from around the nation already joined the Blog Squad including Craig Newmark, founder of, Mike Campbell, an associate broker and anchor of WWJ Newsradio, a CBS affiliate in Michigan, and Hanan Levin, Realtor, blogger and co-owner of The Champion Co. in Riverside, CA.

RSS/XML Feeds into JavaScript - never was easier!

Westin Shafer (AdvancedAccess Customer Service rep) - shared with us this great resource that he heard of.. called Feed2JS.