Point2Homes will show their property listings in GoogleBase and Trulia

The first time I saw Point2Homes implemented agents listings as RSS feeds binded together with Google Maps and Google Earth I was really impressed. What a great tool for real estate web sites!

Google Page Creator

Google Page Creator - very nice addition to all the free service and software Google already provides. Very simple to use and I find it much easier than some of the template web sites with back-ends I ever worked on.

NAR welcomes Bloggers

About a month ago CTR Blog mentioned about adding room for bloggers to cover live NAR meetings. Actually, it should be already available for 2006 Midyear Legislative Meetings & Trade Expo (May 15-20) in Washington, DC. Here are some details:
In or around the room we'll have the following:
  1. One available work station to post from for those who don't have a laptop.

February Google PageRank Update

Yesterday I noticed my Google Toolbar wasn't showing the same PageRank for some of my internal pages - was very weird. I went to Future PageRank tool at SEOChat.com and checked on couple of URLs and sure it is PageRank Update going on :) [Added] I find McDar Datacenter Quick Check tool to be more detailed.

Realtors, are your days numbered?

I've seen a lot of posts during past weeks about old and new automated real estate services and how they affect real estate agents, their business and the whole industry. Very interesting. Seams like a lot of people jealous of real estate agents having possibility of making good money with "less work" invested. Well, I personally don't think so. I'm not an agent, but I'm working with them and as in any business there are people that providing outstanding services, working their butts off 24/7 and making their clients happy as well as opposite.

Google Confirms: TrafficPower.com and their clients' sites were removed from Google.com

Wow! I didn't really expect that form Matt Cutts. Hope this helps Aaron Wall to win the case.

Google Robots.txt tool

Google Sitemaps team added another cool feature to sitemaps accounts - Analysis of cached robots.txt. Very nice tool - allows you to play with your robots.txt file without actually changing it on your site. It checks if Google can crawl specific URLs or they are being blocked by robots.txt and it gives you quick analyses. This tool helped me to solve my robots.txt problem I couldn't figure out for over then a year now. Very nice.

BMW.de to be removed from Google for SPAM

So, it looks like not only little sites of regular people are getting hammered by Google if doing wrong. Matt Cutts made a post "Ramping up on international webspam" where he disclosed cloaked pages on BMW.de. Matt said that the site will be removed from Google's index until fixed and requested for reinclusion with the name of the person who created the cloaked pages. I think this is a good lesson for those who still think they don't spam and Google is not going find out.

HomeGain Makes Another Step Forward Into Real Estate Market

Looking through todays news I spotted this press release announced by BIRDVIEW Technologies - one of the well known Online MLS Service providers and lead management systems for real estate professionals.
BIRDVIEW Technologies today announced an agreement with HomeGain to provide BIRDVIEW’s clients a special reduced pricing on HomeGain’s Buyer Link Product.

w.Bloggar Run-time Error Fix

I found out that on some computers w.bloggar v.4 generates a run-time 2006 error that gives "Invalid Tools collection index" message. It come up on the second run of the application and you're not able to do anything. Well, it didn't happen on my home computer, but it happened on one of our agents laptop. I did a little research and found out that in fact it does happen and a known bug. Since I mentioned this software as an excellent tool, I also would like to publish step-by-step instructions how to fix the problem. Here we go: