Google Pages - High Rankings and PR out of the blue?!

At the end of February I wrote a post on Google Page Creator - just when Google released it. Well, 2 months later and a bit (today) I searched for my full name [Max Chirkov], just out of curiosity, and was very surprised to see my Google page ranking #2 just right below this site. Even more surprising is Google PageRank 4 for that page even though Google doesn't show any links pointing to it.

Yahoo! Local Featured Listings - Submission Process

I just submitted two listings to Yahoo! Local - one Featured and one Enhanced, so now when I have some experience doing that I can clarify on the costs, which might be not even close to $25 a month. I think Yahoo!

Yahoo! Local - Online Yellow Pages

Yahoo! Search Blog announced Local Featured Listings - advertisement that targets local search and appears in the highlighted top or bottom of the page whenever visitor searches for similar business in your area. Amount of Featured Listings is limited to 6, so I gotta buy a couple tomorrow for my brokers and hopefully HomeGain and the gang won't buy them all :) The "best" part about it is that Yahoo!

ajaxWrite - online Word Processor for free


A couple of days ago ajaxLaunch released a beta version of online word processor application called ajaxWrite. Pretty neat program even though it is very limited in its features. It is fast, has all the basic text formatting options and tools (I think the guys are still working on the Spell check option). The main feature is - ajaxWrite is compatible with Microsoft Word, in addition it can import and export into MS Works, Word Perfect, Open Office and others.

Oops... Sexiest Real Estate Agents (postscript)

It was really funny when Dustin (of mentioned that their site was found by [sexiest real estate agents] keyphrase and they actually were ranking #2 in Google for the phrase... Well, sorry Dustin, my help came out sideways :)lol

Property Listings in Google Search Results

Yesterday, while searching with a couple of [city+real estate] keyphrases I noticed two new fields at the top of the organic results: Location and Listing Type (here is quick example San Francisco Real Estate). Location by default already has your city name and listing type provides drop-down list of the following choices: all, for rent, for sale and room to rent.

Featured Client of the Month

Advanced AccessFirst time I got featured in Advanced Access (Real Estate Web Marketing company) newsletter as Featured Client of the month. It's kinda cool even though its very limited "recognition" (if I can say so). They called me and asked if I would like to give an interview.

Sexiest Real Estate Agents

Did you know that [sexiest real estate agents] is actually a search phrase that brings 2,500,000 search results in Google. I guess I didn't do my homework on keyphrase research :)lol Last year Wendy Heath, Belmont Shore CA, posted a billboard with a photo of herself in bikini which created quite a buzz in blogs and media including major newspapers and TV :) She claims her web traffic increased 10 times just in one week. (Interesting how much traffic Pam A. and Tommy L. got in their video tape scandal?

Co-Citation - to your SEO advantage

First of all let's define citation and co-citation terms:

Citation analysis was developed in information science as a tool to identify core sets of articles, authors, or journals of particular fields of study.

Cocitation analysis has been used to map the topical relatedness of clusters of authors, journals or articles...

Edgeio - Web 2.0 Cassifieds

Edgeio - true Web 2.0 Classifieds that was just released to wide public a couple of weeks ago (February 26th, 2006) . I think I visited them once but hasn't realized from the beginning what it was. Well, it happens (I guess). So, what is Edgeio? It is a Classifieds service, tool that crawls the Net and picks up classified listings and pretty much everything that has feeds and keeps them up to date.