Performancing Firefox 1.1 is released

Another great extension for Firefox browser lovers is real eased on January 24th by Performancing. Developers added quite a few nifty features:

Thoughts Aloud on Link Relevance

Many of us doing, so called "link exchange" and in most cases we do it because we have to do it. Says who? SEO Gurus?

Big Ad - is it COOL or what?!

It is great, hilarious and I want to buy their product now :) Check out the "Big Ad" commercial. You will have to click "OK" for the security authorization. Special thanks to Terry Light, founder of and who kindly shared this link with us.

Local Real Estate News and Alerts - Stay Informed!

In todays real estate business craze it is really hard to be updated on all the new trends and news related to the industry nationwide and locally. But don't forget we're living in the technology age, so we must utilize available to us knowledge and tools. I'm reading a lot lately and I never thought I would ever read this much in my life. Trying to stay updated on all the new things that interest me, somewhat related to my life, work and happening every day in the world.

Up to 2 Years of JAIL for Annoying Blogging!

Watch what you blog about, watch your language in the comments, don't forget to mention your full name, sex, race and drivers license number in case someone finds your post annoying or abusive, because now you're legally responsible for every word you type and don't even think to do it anonymously. According to the Violence Against Women and Department of Justice Reauthorization Act of 2005 which was signed into law you can be put in jail up to two years:

Firefox Extension for Desktop Blogging

Yesterday I was very excited to share with you my experience about w.bloggar as desktop blogging application. I knew there were more but I didn't really want to continue installing all different programs on my PC. Today I came across Performancing for Firefox - Firefox browser extension that allows you to post into you blog just by hitting F8 on your keyboard.

Desktop Blogging Software

I thought if people blog about the same things that someone else blogged about it creates a lot of junk online.. You know what, I was thinking wrong. We surely do have a lot of junk online, but when we talk about things that matter or have certain value - the information worth being distributed to multiple sources to reach their audience.

PR Fakes

Before I get started I want to thank Max for inviting me to write on his Blog. Did you know that a site can Fake PR in the Toolbar? If not you might be giving away homepage links or worse paying for a link that has no value. A site can use redirects to actually make the toolbar think that the site is another site and show the other sites PR. So a garbage link farm could fool the toolbar into thinking it was a PR7,8,9 or even a PR10 site if they wanted to. Then turn around and ask you to pay a very large amount for a link that has no value.

Submissions Review Delay

I would like to apologize for the delay in submissions to the Real Estate Directory.

Moved to WordPress

Finally I finished moving the non-directory part to WordPress as main content management system for this site. I'm excited, since this is what I wanted to do for long time now. I pointed the most important indexed pages with 301 redirect to the new ones and hopefully we won't have trouble getting re-indexed and ranked again. Please, let me know if there is something wrong or raises concerns about functionality of the site in the comments of this post or in the forums by clicking on Leave Feedback. I appreciate all your help and support.